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  1. Sick from the heath.. It's so warm here, I spend a lovely time at the pool and even though I stayed in the shades most of my time, I still have a headache..

    Same. Not a fan of the heat or almost 24/7 sunlight. Fall can't come fast enough.
    Well I don't mind sun but this is just too much. I prefer Spring weather. About 22 degrees with a nice breeze :)
  2. I guess for me it's easy because I am a very extrovert person (definitely wasn't always like that!) I took me years to get here but now I just walk up to people, give a compliment or ask a general question. 90% that works. Because who doesn't like a compliment or tell something about himself. You can meet people anywhere really, public transportation, in the supermarket.. Like mentioned before volunteering is always a great way to interact with people who have the same interests as you do. My mom has met a lot of her friends while volunteering.

  3. I don't know of any women who would date someone without a job. Perhaps you could stop paying the dating coach, and use that money go buy nice clothes to wear on job interviews.

    Well I would definitely date someone without a job, it wouldn't be my ideal but I know these days it's really hard to get a job.. I have jobless for a few months as well, not anymore but I know the struggle of finding one. I would only date the person though if he's actively searching for a job.

  4. I can totally relate to that. I use to be like that, I make friends very easily but for whatever reason after some time I just don't seem to make much effort to keep in touch with the majority anymore.

    However I've gotten better at it in the last few years. I just find those friends too valuable to not keep in touch anymore. One of my friends always says "If you truly care you just make an effort", I have to agree with that. I contact my friends at least once a week now (usually more) via text or calling. Most of them I don't see that often since we live far from each other but I do make an effort to know what's going on in their life though. A friendship has to come from two sides though. You can't keep a friendship if you or the other one is the only one making an effort. Good luck!

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