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  1. I went running with a friend today. I hadn't ran in ages! Even though he was in much better shape then I am, I did finish the run.. Despite feeling exhausted I felt great for having a good work out again.
  2. Pasta pesto with spinache and pieces of chicken.. And a yogurt ice cream as lunch haha.
  3. Pasta with chicken and tomatosauce and lots of veggies.
  4. Sunny! It was the first official summer weather day here🌞
  5. I have way too much jewelry and clothes.. I should really stop buying more, it's getting ridiculous 😒
  6. Not really.. I am scared though to having to use antidepressants for the rest of my life. I really do not want to rely on medications to get through life. I know they help me but quiet often when I take them I feel like a failure that I need pills to feel good.
  7. That I am a lot better with stress and pressure then I use to be :)
  8. I guess mine is pretty obvious. I am girl, well woman now haha and I love baking cupcakes :)
  9. Pretty cold and rainy.. Hopefully it's better tommorow when it's going to be Kingsday! 🎉
  10. Congratulations, I'm very proud of you! You give me hope. :)Aw thank you so much! And yes, you should never give up.. If you would have told me 6 months ago I'd be were I am now, I would not jave believed you. You will do better and better eventually. Good luck :)
  11. Tired but happy. Spend a wonderful day with a dear friend of mine!
  12. Roti, baklava and ice with mango sauce.. Delicious!
  13. You go girl! We're proud of you!!! Aw you are so sweet! :)
  14. I can't believe how far I've come since a few moths ago.. From wanting to die and lay on my bed all day to having a job and socialising again. I am proud of myself! :)
  15. Well yes lexapro can cause a dry mouth, which can cause canker sores.. This is from my own experiences plus I studied dentistry were I had to learn about several medications and the effects they might have on the mouth. For me personally it went away after a few weeks, hopefully yours will as well! I hope this helps and good luck :)
  16. My goal for tommorow is to give a call to someone who maybe has a second job for me.. My goal for the weekend is to have a good time with my friends and sleep in :)
  17. I'm sorry! Hope you feel better soon ?
  18. Broodje kroket (Dutch snack), some fruit and m&ms. Yum!
  19. I had a tuna salad for dinner. Not the fanciest meal but I enjoyed it!
  20. Happy! I just heard one of my best friends gave birth to her son.. I am delighted for her and her husband. Babies are such a blessing :)
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