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  1. My grandfathers and his girlfriend visited us. I love them both so much, they always make a day good! :)

    omg that sounds so good! regards to both of them even though they don't even know who I am. :)

    I'm glad your day's really good!

    Aw thank you. Yes they are wonderful people.. Almost 80 and so full of life and in love! I love seeing my grandfather so happy again after he lost his two previous wives..

  2. Questioning whether this is creepy or sweet?

    So today I am in the bus back home from work. There is this guy sitting next to me who keeps smiling, then he starts talking to me, asking me all these questions, telling about himself. Pretty cool conversation. Then he starts asking me out, so I'm like.. Uh let me check my schedule lol. I gave him my FB instead. I mean he was nice but to go out with a total stranger is kinda scary you know? Also what I find funny was that I just looked awful.. Make up smooched out, a messy bun.. jeans full of stains and all sweaty. Definitely wouldn't be attracted to myself looking like that haha.

  3. I can really relate to that. Even when I was at my worst, I still would crack jokes and besides my mom nobody truly knew I what a horrible shape I really was. Like you, I just don't appear horribly depressed either. Which actually had a downside as well because people were expecting all sorts of things from me I just couldn't do and even doctors wouldn't believe me! Thankfully I am a lot better now due my medication and wonderful GP.

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