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  1. First of all my iPhone with my music on it, I'd be lost without it honestly. Music always makes me feel better. When I am home and I feel bad I usually go to my bedroom, the room itself is already very calming on positive.. Or I go to the kitchen I cook or bake something, it's like free therapy to me.
  2. Same here. I am not a jealous person but I do get very disappointed in myself whenever I hear somebody else has accomplished something amazing.
  3. Too much, is that a proper answer also?
  4. Ok, I did manage to get a lot a important stuff done, clean my room and cook but I'm still a little sad that my vacation is over. I wished I could have stayed a bit longer at the beach.
  5. I can totally relate to that. I use to be like that, I make friends very easily but for whatever reason after some time I just don't seem to make much effort to keep in touch with the majority anymore. However I've gotten better at it in the last few years. I just find those friends too valuable to not keep in touch anymore. One of my friends always says "If you truly care you just make an effort", I have to agree with that. I contact my friends at least once a week now (usually more) via text or calling. Most of them I don't see that often since we live far from each other but I do make an effort to know what's going on in their life though. A friendship has to come from two sides though. You can't keep a friendship if you or the other one is the only one making an effort. Good luck!
  6. I guess like once a month, since I am on medication I find it very hard to have a real cry. When before I cried almost daily.
  7. I should really lose some weight.. I've just gotten too big lately
  8. Worried about a few things.. Also pretty excited because I'll be going on a short vacation on Sunday till mid next week :)
  9. I know how you feel. I had my first days at a new job and I hate it.. I'm going to call them tommorow that it's not going to work and I'm going to quit. So nervous about it though :(
  10. My wonderful friends, family and my bedroom which is my favourite place ever!
  11. I don't have any advice for you.. Just wanted to say I feel so sorry for your lost and wishing you all the strength you will ever need. Lots of love!
  12. A bit stressed. Tommorow and Saturday are my first days at my new job. My second job.. Not excited at all. Hopefully I'll like it but for now, not looking forward to spend even more hours working.
  13. Since I celebrated my birthday I haven't eaten too healthy today.. A few pieces of home made cake, chips, nuts and fries with chicken fingers for diner! Yum haha.
  14. Wonderful! I had such an awesome birthday party. Usually I'll just have a small family party but this time I invited a few friends also. Just so great that they all came for me :) I feel lucky to have such great people in my life.
  15. That is awesome! Keep up your good work :)
  16. Just disappointed.. I really thought I had finally found a nice guy friend (not into dating currently) he's funny, easy to talk too and smart. So I'm like, great to finally meet a guy who just wants to be friends. I was wrong, suddenly he's starting to hit on me and talk about sex.. This is the third time in a few months already! I just want friend that is a guy, purely platonic but I guess that's too much too ask :(
  17. Baked potatoes, salmon and broccoli for diner.
  18. Yes I feel like that quite often. Not even so much because I've suffered mental illness but also because I just am so different then people my age. I am almost 24 and I pretty much don't like most things people my age enjoy. Going out, drinking alcohol, date.. People always look weird when I tell them! I just really don't feel like doing those things though. Besides that my family has always called me different. I still don't really know why, I was an extremely shy child? So that definitely hasn't helped on me feeling normal.
  19. All of them, I mean nobody specific. I just hope EVERYONE is doing well! *hugs*
  20. This is a great post! I agree with every point especially the long posts.. Usually I just have a quick look on this forum, I don't really have time to read to long paragraphs of texts.
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