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  1. Ok so I have this crazy thing that stickers freak me out.. They almost make me vommit! I don't know why but I just think they're so gross.. I remember being in Primary School when you did well we would get a sticker and some kids put them on there hands or forehead! I wouldn't go anything near them haha. Also whenever you buy something new there is always a sticker on it, freaks me out.

  2. Wow that's an interesting question, I never really thought of that. As much as I hate struggling with depression I would say no. At least I can't think of a physical disease/condition that I'd rather have plus I don't want to offend anyone who maybe does struggle with that condition and who thinks it's horrible. Don't assume anything is less worse when you've never had it. However I truly believe that having a mental illness is one of the worst diseases because of the stigma. People just don't understand it and most don't even try to! I never mention to people I am on antidepressants when I don't absolutely have to.. People look at me like I am crazy! While I am sure that when I would tell them I would need pills for high blood pressure (just an example) they wouldn't even wink an eye..

  3. Yes I do but the crazy thing is, even despite doing very well and my medications are working great.. Sometimes I still have those thoughts it would be so much easier just to **** myself. I've had those thoughts since forever though so they won't even scare me. I am just not one of those people who loves life and I don't think I ever will. Most days I feel pretty good though and when I am with my family or a friend, those are the moments I actually feel happy.

  4. I really want to take a vacation.. I was at my grandfathers birthday party today and everyone was talking about their vacations, some went to really amazing places like South Africa or Greece. I felt like my summer is so boring because I can't even afford a simple vacation, leave alone to such amazing places.

  5. What really helps me is going out for a walk, even if it's just for 5 minutes around the block.. Putting on a song always helps as well.

    Personally for me meditation doesn't help because I can't find the rest for it. I'll rather do something more active.

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