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  1. Indian buttered chicken with rice
  2. Questioning whether this is creepy or sweet? So today I am in the bus back home from work. There is this guy sitting next to me who keeps smiling, then he starts talking to me, asking me all these questions, telling about himself. Pretty cool conversation. Then he starts asking me out, so I'm like.. Uh let me check my schedule lol. I gave him my FB instead. I mean he was nice but to go out with a total stranger is kinda scary you know? Also what I find funny was that I just looked awful.. Make up smooched out, a messy bun.. jeans full of stains and all sweaty. Definitely wouldn't be attracted to myself looking like that haha.
  3. Two mango's, carrots and a home made pizza..
  4. Tired but good. I went running again since months! I'm by far not an athlete but I'm not in such a horrible shape as I thought I was.
  5. I can really relate to that. Even when I was at my worst, I still would crack jokes and besides my mom nobody truly knew I what a horrible shape I really was. Like you, I just don't appear horribly depressed either. Which actually had a downside as well because people were expecting all sorts of things from me I just couldn't do and even doctors wouldn't believe me! Thankfully I am a lot better now due my medication and wonderful GP.
  6. I am usually not that hungry when the weather is warmer so I had a lot of fruit and vegetables mainly.
  7. A lot better then last time.. Heatwave is no longer going on and the heath has subsided. It's a comfortable 26 degrees now :)
  8. Please don't.. Just reach out to someone who can really help you! A friend, family member or even a hotline..
  9. I really hope they won't call me to work tommorow.. It's going to be the hottest day so far this year and I really don't want to spend that one in a hot restaurant.
  10. Yes I have. I even dropped out twice.. It took my 7 years to finally complete a college education last year. My advice would be to even if you have to drop out, never give up because if I can do it anyone can.
  11. Same. Not a fan of the heat or almost 24/7 sunlight. Fall can't come fast enough.Well I don't mind sun but this is just too much. I prefer Spring weather. About 22 degrees with a nice breeze :)
  12. Sick from the heath.. It's so warm here, I spend a lovely time at the pool and even though I stayed in the shades most of my time, I still have a headache..
  13. Terribly hot! We have a heatwave going on, it's 33 degrees and tomorrow is even going to be warmer..
  14. I made a phone call to my work which I always hate.. I don't like calling in general but to my work it's even worse.
  15. That is a really difficult question because I actually wanted to say hunger, war and cancer. To me those 3 are the most important things to get rid of. Anyways on a personal level I would say.. 1) My stress about money 2) My lack of confidence when it comes to dating and things like that 3) My intolerance to certain types of food
  16. I guess for me it's easy because I am a very extrovert person (definitely wasn't always like that!) I took me years to get here but now I just walk up to people, give a compliment or ask a general question. 90% that works. Because who doesn't like a compliment or tell something about himself. You can meet people anywhere really, public transportation, in the supermarket.. Like mentioned before volunteering is always a great way to interact with people who have the same interests as you do. My mom has met a lot of her friends while volunteering.
  17. Well I would definitely date someone without a job, it wouldn't be my ideal but I know these days it's really hard to get a job.. I have jobless for a few months as well, not anymore but I know the struggle of finding one. I would only date the person though if he's actively searching for a job.
  18. My favourite Dutch comedy.. Despite is being almost 20 years old and I've seen every episode like a hundred times, it still cracks me up and makes me happy!
  19. Relax.. So nice to have a day were you don't have to do anything :)
  20. Unfortunately I don't have photos from any craftings but I do have some photos from other things I made myself :) Some cakes I made and chairs I gave a make-over
  21. Titanic haha. I know it's lame but I've seen it at least 10 times already and it still gets me And well some Dutch movies, since I'm Dutch. Most movies I like are romantic ones or comedies.
  22. I always love crafting, cooking and baking whether I feel good or not.. It's keeps me busy and it's like free therapy :)
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