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  1. It depends, if it looks like something a 6 year old can make I don't see it as art. I once went to a museum which had a peanut butter floor.. I definitely don't see that as art.

    Which 2 colours would you choose to decorate your house with, you can't pick black and white.

  2. My favourite Dutch comedy.. Despite is being almost 20 years old and I've seen every episode like a hundred times, it still cracks me up and makes me happy!

    Flodder? :P
    Haha no, I can't stand that one. Kees & Co is the one I am hooked on, I have seem every episode at least 20 times and I still love it.

    Have never heard of it!! Will check it out.
    You should! First 5 seasons are the best, the rest sucks because my favourite character has died then.
  3. I understand your questions and your fears. It took me about 7 years until I was ready to take them, I always felt that I should be able to do it on my own but then someone said to me, if you were a diabetic you would take insulin as well right? This is just the same thing, it's just not physical. Anyways I am on medication for 3 years now and I honestly believe they saved my life.. Not that I would be dead but I think I'd still be laying in bed all day and doing nothing. When I first started with them (Escitalopram 10 mg) I got very sick, everything felt so much worse but after about 6 months pretty much all side effects wore off.

    If I were you I'd discusses your fears and worries according to medication with your therapist/doctor. Maybe they can take some of your fears away? I am wishing you all the best!

  4. Yes I can relate.. I really dread going to work, I work at a restaurant in the kitchen. Usually when I am there it's ok but it takes me forever to get ready for it. Pretty much every morning I think about calling in sick, I'm proud to say I never did though. Anyways I think for me it's more a matter of not liking this job too much then hating to work. I like working and doing something useful with my time.. It has to be something which is at my level though. Not that there is anything wrong with it but I can do more then make people's lunches.

  5. Yes I hate FB. If I already feel bad I certainly need to stay away from FB.. I already unfollowed some people who seem to have the perfect life, I just get so sad to see pictures of happy couples with there children. Not that I don't want others to be happy but it makes me sad because I feel like I will never have them.

  6. A really fancy one. You know the hat Rose/Kate Winslet wears in Titanic once steps on the ship? I've been obsessed with that hat! I'd definitely pick that one although I do realise it's a bit too much for day time.. But hey, at least I look classy wearing it haha.

    If you had to make a bouquet out of 3 flowers, which ones would you choose?

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