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  1. Ok so I have this crazy thing that stickers freak me out.. They almost make me vommit! I don't know why but I just think they're so gross.. I remember being in Primary School when you did well we would get a sticker and some kids put them on there hands or forehead! I wouldn't go anything near them haha. Also whenever you buy something new there is always a sticker on it, freaks me out.
  2. Wow that's an interesting question, I never really thought of that. As much as I hate struggling with depression I would say no. At least I can't think of a physical disease/condition that I'd rather have plus I don't want to offend anyone who maybe does struggle with that condition and who thinks it's horrible. Don't assume anything is less worse when you've never had it. However I truly believe that having a mental illness is one of the worst diseases because of the stigma. People just don't understand it and most don't even try to! I never mention to people I am on antidepressants when I don't absolutely have to.. People look at me like I am crazy! While I am sure that when I would tell them I would need pills for high blood pressure (just an example) they wouldn't even wink an eye..
  3. Yes I do but the crazy thing is, even despite doing very well and my medications are working great.. Sometimes I still have those thoughts it would be so much easier just to **** myself. I've had those thoughts since forever though so they won't even scare me. I am just not one of those people who loves life and I don't think I ever will. Most days I feel pretty good though and when I am with my family or a friend, those are the moments I actually feel happy.
  4. I really want to take a vacation.. I was at my grandfathers birthday party today and everyone was talking about their vacations, some went to really amazing places like South Africa or Greece. I felt like my summer is so boring because I can't even afford a simple vacation, leave alone to such amazing places.
  5. What really helps me is going out for a walk, even if it's just for 5 minutes around the block.. Putting on a song always helps as well. Personally for me meditation doesn't help because I can't find the rest for it. I'll rather do something more active.
  6. When I first started Lexapro/Escitalopram I felt exhausted as well. The most frustrating thing was that I couldn't fall asleep though.. I am on them for a almost a year now and the extreme fatigue has worn off, however when I have time I just have to take a nap because I am so tired.
  7. I do this awful thing of scratching my arms.. When I was younger I even bit myself. I also shake with my legs and walk around the room.
  8. Went eating out to a Greek restaurant.. I had pasta with veggies and baklava for dessert.
  9. Just woken up.. I am glad I have a day off today!
  10. Warm and sunny. Perfect summer weather!
  11. Yes all the time.. I did finish college but I don't see that as a big accomplishment since millions of people graduate every year. I work some low entry level jobs.. Never experienced love from a partner.. While other people my age (I am 24) actually have a career going on and starting there families.
  12. My whole body hurts. I fell in a really weird way yesterday at work.. Strangly it didn't hurt much now everything does. My lege are covered in bruises, my head hurts and my back :(
  13. I am glad I am home. I could really strangle my coworker today.. He is just so annoying and lazy! Thankfully I have tommorow off so my friend is coming to visit me.
  14. Blah.. I had an argument with this lady from the enployment office this morning. I feel bad about it now while probably she already forgot about it. I hate things like this.
  15. I haven't panicked while doing something new. At work they put me behind the check out which I had never done in my life! It was super busy and all people were in a hurry but I stayed relatively calm.. Glad I survived my shift haha.
  16. Happy.. So glad my work day is over. I'm totally done with it having worked on Friday, Saturday and today.
  17. omg that sounds so good! regards to both of them even though they don't even know who I am. :) I'm glad your day's really good! Aw thank you. Yes they are wonderful people.. Almost 80 and so full of life and in love! I love seeing my grandfather so happy again after he lost his two previous wives..
  18. This might sounds really weird but I never had a doughnut in my life.. They just don't look appealing to me! I rather have a cupcake or a slice of cake haha.
  19. Definitely writing.. I've been keeping journals for a long time now and when I write my feelings down, it always makes me feel a little better.
  20. 1) Talking to my mom 2) Watching my favourite TV show 3) Writing in my journal 4) Cooking/baking 5) Cleaning (yes really haha) it empties my mind. 6) Listening music
  21. My grandfathers and his girlfriend visited us. I love them both so much, they always make a day good! :)
  22. Stressed out.. Going to meet my fathers girlfriend for the first time today.
  23. Really tired.. Despite not having to work I had such a busy day.
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