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  1. Sick.. It took me 3 painkillers to get through my work day. I should have stayed in bed but I'm too scared to actually call in sick.

    I feel ya Cupcake, unfortunately. Wish I'd brought my painkillers to work today.

    So sorry to hear that. Maybe you can ask a co-worker or your boss for painkillers? Usually they have. Anyways hold on and wishing you well.
  2. The amount of negative responses I've gotten so far when I told people I started volunteering with refugees! I can understand people's reasons for not wanting to take more then our capacity but every person in need deserves help..

  3. I had a wonderful childhood with great parents and my younger brother. I was a happy child but I've always been anxious. Mental illness does run at my moms side of the family, pretty much any woman has some sort of mental illness.. I never knew though until I got one myself at the age of 17. So I do believe the main reason for my former depression and anxiety are because it's simply in my genes since I had a great childhood and I've never been through a huge trauma or anything like that.

  4. I take oxazepam but only when I need it. So maybe 10 times a year.. and then I use 10 mg. I don't need it in my everyday life so I'm fine going to work and do my regular things but whenever I have to do something which is really far from home I get so scared I just freeze. So for those days I use oxazepam.

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