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  1. I don't wear much make up actually but I love it! I myself only wear mascara, I put some colour on my lips and sometimes I use concealer to cover up some red spots. People always say I look more fresh when I have something on and well I agree, I just feel a little more confident when I have make up on :) I wish someone could learn me how to make myself up proparly because I suck at it haha.

  2. My friend gave me a big hug this week, she never did that before because I'm not much of a pyhsical person, usually when ppl try to hug me I turn away but it was for my birthday so yeah. She just grabbed me, pushed me to my body and kissed my cheek haha. I was like, uh ok but I thought it was so sweet of her and I just felt the warmth of her hug. After that she played with my hair a little, it felt so nice.. So yeah maybe I should hug my friends and family more often because it can feel good.

  3. I use to be extremely shy and I only had like one friend wich made me feel very lonely as well. But when I entered college again this year I made the decision to put myself out there. Just be yourself, be nice and introduce yourself to as many ppl you can, even if you think you might not like them because actually my two best friends in college, I didn't even liked them at all at first! Well if you meet someone you like just have some smalltalk and if you like talking to them just ask them to hang out again, well and if that is fun it just goes naturally. I've made two great friends so far by just doing that :) I know I might make this sound like it's very easy but I know it's not. So don't be too hard on yourself and take small steps. If I can do it you can definitely do it as well. Don't give up and good luck. 

  4. I am in your shoes as well except that I'm a girl. The past year this has made me feel very depressed, I get upset everytime I think about it. It has crushed all my selfesteem and I feel like a piece of s***! I guess I know though why I have never had a bf. I'm very uncomfortable with myself and I don't know why I am, so if I don't even like myself how can someone ever love me? It just doesn't feel good if someone shows me there love because I just feel I'm not worth it.. So yeah I know I will have to change that first before I ever can be in a relationship..

  5. I feel like I'm on the right track with almost every aspect of my life, don't get me wrong, it's definitely not perfect but it has improved quiet a lot already so I'm grateful about that. If I could change one thing though it would be that I don't want to be alone anymore. I want a boyfriend so much, it hurts me thinking about still being alone.. It had crushed my selfesteem so yeah, I know nobody can make me feel complete but I just want the experience of being in a relationship. So that's what I would like to change, I hope to find the courage to get myself out there and to be dating in a year from now. That's my goal!

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