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  1. I'm still feeling good actually.. Just tired but I'm feeling nice :)
  2. @sad robot You think so.. I think you just have to have that special talent, just like some ppl have sports talent and other ppl do great in school. But yeah you can improve lol. The flute was indeed really hard, I got one from my mom but I couldn't get a proper note out haha. Just like the guitar..
  3. For me its keeping myself distracted by socializing, our just keeping myself really busy so I don't have time to feel depressed. Also I like being there for others, even if I feel really bad I always try to be there for my friends and family. Noting makes me feel better then helping someone I love. But on the other hand taking rest is really important as well otherwise I break down.. So yeah, sleeping well, taking care of myself, eating healthy.. That's helps me as well. So it's a combination of those.
  4. Yeah I've felt like that once.. In my first session I just blurted something out I never told before and I totally panicked.. But my counsellor complimented me on being so brave and after a few days I felt so proud of myself and I was glad I finally got it all out. It was the most helpfull session I ever had because I didn't hold anything in. But yeah it was really scary, the anxiety fades in some time though!
  5. Thats really cool. I love music as well but just listen lol. I tried to play the flute, piano and guitar but I gave up cause I have no talent for it at all. Anyways I'm doing good, so glad I almost have my break though. I'm so tired from all these classes. How about you? :)
  6. I'm on my laptop and I'm suppose to do my assignment but it's so much... I can't concentrate whatsoever. I'm just staring at it but I haven't typed a letter yet
  7. Your style sounds really pretty. I like soft colours as well although they make me look pale haha. And I love mascara too, it's so easy to put on (wich is great since I'm not good with make up lol) and it still looks great :) Yep most boys here wear trainers as well although I do know a lot of fashionable guys though! Just a jeans and a nice blouse our t-shirt is fine though haha. Well yeah it's great having a lot of choice lol, I can't imagine havingto wear flat shoes always although most guys obviously can't imagine wearing heels haha.
  8. Sometimes.. There days I just feel good about myself and there also days I loath who I am and I want to punish myself. But deep in my heart, I can't truly hate myself..
  9. I'm feeling good today, I'm actually feeling good for 3 days in a row already! That was a loooong time ago so I'm happy about that. Luckily I had a few fun things to do and I slept well so that must have something to do with it. So yeah, I'm feeling good :)
  10. I have to study for a test but I'm watching tv lol.
  11. Oh definitely, guys should be able to wear any colour as well. That's why I love being a girl, I can pretty wear much anything lol, guys always "have" to wear flat shoes and pants. That must be so boring haha. Anyways yes black and white matches with anything. The only colour who doesn't match with black is brown IMO.
  12. A guy who is not afraid to wear pink, that's cool! haha
  13. Yeah flowerpatterns are awesome! They just look so happy :) lol it's ok, I know a lot of guys who take longer then a woman to get ready, it's fine with me as long as it doesn't look like it. I just don't like looks who are too perfect lol.
  14. That's really cool, shoes definitely can complete the look your going for. That's awesome, I pretty much wear every colour anytime. Even when I feel depressed I still wear bright colours and flowerpatterns. (always gotta have a flowerpattern haha) If I want to look sexy and powerfull though I love wearing high heels and a dress and if I want to look casual I just wear a jeans and pretty t-shirt.. It has to look effortless though, I don't want to look like it took me a long time to dress up in the morning haha. Usually I'm ready in like 15 minutes at schooldays, not bad at all lol.
  15. I love apple green! It's my favourite. And I like soft colours like lila, baby blue and baby pink haha. And I know it's not a colour but I like white as well, it looks so clean and romantic, definitely in clothes :)
  16. So you want 4 pair? Thats pretty cool haha. You always have the right shoes to match with an outfit then lol. Yeah I like Eminem a lot, I've heard of DRAKE but I never heard a song of him actually.. Gonna look him up haha.
  17. Faith from Jordin Sparks It's like she wrote that song for me, I can totally relate to all the lyrics. It's such a sad but empowering song at the same time.
  18. @Firework Oh ok again, well I hope one day you can wear them again. You deserve that :) Oh I've seen those shoes before actually, no idea they were called like that though lol. I just want to dye it either a little lighter our a little darker now, nothing too crazy lol. Yeah I love her music! I like many artists though, I'm not really fan of a particular one. I like sweet songs with sweet lyrics our powerfull songs with a strong message! :) And I also like rap actually, if I say that nobody expects that but yeah.. Most of the times the lyrics are aweful but so catchy though haha
  19. @Firework Well congrats to you too for looking how you want to look and loosing weight. That's just great :) Like you I feel like I could lose a little more as well, but if I never lose that I am satisfied as well because I have a healthy body now. My friend said to me some time ago she my belly was flat lol, well I never heard that in my life so that's when I felt like, hey I am really looking normal now. So great! Aw I am sorry to hear that.Good luck with that, I hope one day you can wear short sleeves again.. What are TUK shoes? Never heard of those LOL. Actually I love my hair, it's nice and long. I would like to dye it though for the summer. Btw I love Katy Perry haha. My ipod is full with her music
  20. @Firework Yeah I love clothes haha. Well I just look like an average girl I should say wich I fine with me. I finally look how I want to look. I lost quiet some weight and I can buy clothes now who I really like, I really enjoy being a girl now and dress up! It's just great :) I wish I lost the weight sooner but well, better late then never. I look so much better now and I'm getting a lot of compliments, the only thing still the same is my hair lol, it's still long and boring haha.
  21. I'm 20, I'm in my first year of college. Ive been in college before but I dropped out so yeah. I almost finished my first year up. I'm doing pretty well, it's a lot of stress but my grades are good and I made new friends :) What I study is not what I want to do with my life but I'm just glad to be out there again and be busy!
  22. I knew since like 10 I liked girls but I just thought all girls liked girls like that. When I fell in love for the first time it was a girl, well then I knew. I denied it for the longest time but yeah, I've accepted it for myself, I know my family will too because there very open minded but I'm not ready to share it with them yet. I like women a lot more then men but I still have crushes on boys so I would say I'm "very bi". I've never been in any relationship but I would prefer it with a woman. I just feel much more comfortable around them and I'm more attracted to women.
  23. I love this topic! I am very girly, I love bright colours, flower patterns, dresses, heels, make up and jewelry. All of that. I look very bright and happy actually lol. I just try to look good everyday because it makes me feel better and a little more confident. When I just go to school I usually wear a jeans our a simple skirt with a cute top. And when I have more time I love to make myself pretty and dress up.
  24. I love music. It gives so much strength. I have my iPod with me all the time, I can just glue it to my hand lol. So yeah, I love music. When I feel very depressed I listen to depressive music as well actually, just because then I can sort of relate to the lyrics. When I feel more happy I like to listen to happy songs.
  25. Yeah I have once during an intake. He asked do you like men our women. He was having a list with questions on it and he just asked.
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