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  1. Still aweful, even more then the previous days. It just doesn't seem to get better this time :(
  2. I cry about everything even if there's no actual reason too. It just overtakes me sometimes and the next moment I have tears running down my face. It usally makes me feel better but sometimes it makes me feel worse also because I feel keep dwelling on it.. But most of the times crying is a relieve to me.
  3. I had an ok day but now I'm in a horrible mood. I just feel disgusted with myself and I'm just feeling hopeless and sad :(
  4. I'm feeling great :) I had an awesome week so far! Got to spent a lot of time with my friends, and well they make me feel good about myself and everything else.
  5. Tired but I am feeling great. I had a lovely day with my friend :) I brought her something nice and she was so gratefull! She really made my day, we talked and hugged a lot haha.
  6. I slept in so I had a good rest I met up with my friend wich was great! I'd missed her so much.. And I finally finished my assigments
  7. To be happy, that's ultimately all that matters to me.. If I'm feeling happy that's all that counts because then I don't need something more.. But yeah unfortunately I am not always happy :(
  8. I feel good again *finally*, I just feel so relieved the schoolyear is almost over because I'm fed up with college!
  9. I finally bought my friend a gift, I also bought a "goodbye gift" for my intern and I the weather was great.
  10. Ugh still feeling terrible.. I'm just feeling so down and worthless :(
  11. I am not a soccer fan at all but I do like to watch the Eurocup our Worldcup.. Although this year is not much fun because my country is already out lol. I'm for England now!
  12. Yeah I have the same.. I cry a lot :( I can just be totally fine and the next moment I cry my eyes out and I don't even know why. Usually it's a relieve for me though, a good cry helps me.
  13. Totally stressed out, it seems like I just can't get a break from school.. Gosh do I hate college!!
  14. Really tired and nervous.. I just can't wait till next week is over.
  15. I also love Skyscraper by Demi Lovato.. It makes me depressed listening to it actually but yeah it's a great song though.
  16. My break and going on vacation... I can't wait till the upcoming 3 weeks are over.
  17. I don't wear much make up actually but I love it! I myself only wear mascara, I put some colour on my lips and sometimes I use concealer to cover up some red spots. People always say I look more fresh when I have something on and well I agree, I just feel a little more confident when I have make up on :) I wish someone could learn me how to make myself up proparly because I suck at it haha.
  18. My friend gave me a big hug this week, she never did that before because I'm not much of a pyhsical person, usually when ppl try to hug me I turn away but it was for my birthday so yeah. She just grabbed me, pushed me to my body and kissed my cheek haha. I was like, uh ok but I thought it was so sweet of her and I just felt the warmth of her hug. After that she played with my hair a little, it felt so nice.. So yeah maybe I should hug my friends and family more often because it can feel good.
  19. I use to be extremely shy and I only had like one friend wich made me feel very lonely as well. But when I entered college again this year I made the decision to put myself out there. Just be yourself, be nice and introduce yourself to as many ppl you can, even if you think you might not like them because actually my two best friends in college, I didn't even liked them at all at first! Well if you meet someone you like just have some smalltalk and if you like talking to them just ask them to hang out again, well and if that is fun it just goes naturally. I've made two great friends so far by just doing that :) I know I might make this sound like it's very easy but I know it's not. So don't be too hard on yourself and take small steps. If I can do it you can definitely do it as well. Don't give up and good luck.
  20. Well since today is almost over for me my goal for tommorow is to work out all my assignments for my intern. I hope I can finish them so I can wrap everthing up in 2 weeks..
  21. Today was a tiring day.. I felt pretty good when I woke up but around noon I felt very depressed, then I felt ok again and now I'm just exhausted. Glad the day is almost over..
  22. I am in your shoes as well except that I'm a girl. The past year this has made me feel very depressed, I get upset everytime I think about it. It has crushed all my selfesteem and I feel like a piece of s***! I guess I know though why I have never had a bf. I'm very uncomfortable with myself and I don't know why I am, so if I don't even like myself how can someone ever love me? It just doesn't feel good if someone shows me there love because I just feel I'm not worth it.. So yeah I know I will have to change that first before I ever can be in a relationship..
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