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  1. Yeah same here, I do find men acttractive but that's just on the TV lol. I can't really imagine myself ever falling in love with them.
  2. I feel good :) I am really enjoy my Summerbreak from college, and I had a great few weeks so far already!
  3. My amazing family!! Especially my mommy :) And my friends, I love those girls.. There so much fun to talk to and hang out with. So I'm feeling blessed I have a lot of great people in my life.
  4. Mwah.. Ok I guess, I am very tired and I have a light headache.
  5. Aw well you tried and did your best, you can't ask much more from yourself I think, so don't feel like you messed it up. Oh ok, I'm sorry you don't feel well. I understand you want to seperate yourself from the other people but if you want to feel part of the team, you should get involved with those people and do an effort for that.. I can't make something more of that, I'm sorry. So if you have the energy for it yeah definitely join your coworkers during lunch. I'm pretty sure they will not see it as you being desperate. Just be interested and ask some questions. Most people enjoy telling a new person about there job ;) I think they will just see you as a nice and friendly person if you make that effort. Good luck with it :)
  6. I still feel great! It's a bit scary but yeah, I'm glad I feel so good for a while already :)
  7. Great! I've been feeling good for the past week already actually :)
  8. Oh ok, I'm sorry about that.. I know it's scary but maybe you can ask them why they don't say hi anymore? Maybe it's just a simple explanation.. But at least you would know why then, it's better then assuming things right? How long do you have left at your intern actually? I wouldn't give up yet. Just be you, be friendly and work hard. There isn't much more you can do actually I think.. But don't give up, try to stay positive and do your best :)
  9. Hi xora I think StoniumFrog has a few really good points. Did anyone really said they hate you? I think you are being way too harsh on yourself. I understand were you come from though. I had several interns myself and at non of them I really felt comfortable and at my place. It's always a little akward because you're new, and your just temporary there. I myself always think everyone thinks I am stupid, but you know what? Most people really don't think so. I asked at my last intern how they saw me and they said I was very nice and did really well. I couldn't be more suprised honestly.. So just try to relax and stop thinking they hate you. As long as you do your best and work hard I am sure they will like and appreciate you :)
  10. 1. I went on a fun shoppingtrip with my parents and I bought a really cute vest 2. I recieved a message from my sweet friend who's on her vacation 3. And well I cleaned up my closet lol.
  11. Since I am feeling just awesome today my goal for the week is to keep feeling like that :)
  12. Calling of an appointment.. But I can't otherwise it will cost me money.
  13. Through Google. I wasn't particularly looking for a forum but I just came across this one and I signed up :)
  14. ^^ Oh ok I understand. My mom is kind of the same, she always feels guilty as well if she buys something even if she can affort it... Saving is great and smart but yeah you also have to enjoy your money I should think lol, I still don't see anything wrong with buying something nice (for yourself) once in a while :) You deserve nice things as well! But like I said before, I don't have my own family so I understand it might be a lot diffrent if you have somebody else to take care of...
  15. Maybe this is because I don't have my own family yet but I do not feel guilty spending money on nice things. I only buy something though if I can affort it. But yeah I even enjoy it! Since I lost a lot of weight I'm much more comfortable with myself and I like buying myself nice things. I never use to buy nice things for myself so once in a while now is fine I guess :)
  16. A little tired but I am feeling well :)
  17. I'm good in cheering other people up, ppl also often tell me I'm very comfortable to talk to so that's a great compliment. So I guess I have pretty good people skills lol :) And I'm good at baking cupcakes lol. Not to be arrogant but everyone loves them.. :P
  18. My family because I know they will always love me and never give up on me. And my mom in particular. She's been so amazing, she is the best support I will ever have! My friends, I don't know what I would do without my girls.. It's great to have people besides my family who care about me and to go to for support. And they are the best distraction ever!
  19. It's been a pretty weird and tiring day for me, I'm glad it's almost bedtime.. One moment I felt fine and another moment I felt very depressed. Like 3 times, I'm just tired now from these annoying moodswings.
  20. I usually go out with my family during the day and when it's evening I go watch tv. I don't really mind much, I enjoy my weekends. I still have my families company.
  21. Aw thank you. I actually do feel a bit better today again :)
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