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  1. I am watching tv and in some time I'm going to make some soup.
  2. Tommorow. I have a short schoolday and hopefully I finally get to see my friend again.
  3. I feel pretty good. I am tired but I feel good though, I'm also glad it's almost weekend.
  4. I don't know. I just think butterflies are pretty and it was a happy avatar to me :)
  5. I feel weird. I don't know, school started today again and I had a really sucky morning.. I am just feeling all the stress again wich comes with college. And on top of that I also figured out my best college friend has a totally diffrent schedule then me. Last year she was always by my side everyday to support me.. And now I don't have that anymore. I am scared I will feel so lost even though I've made another great friend. Ugh I just feel weird now because I know everything will change a lot this new schoolyear and I hate change!
  6. Still hot.. It's cooling off but it's still very warm. It's much better though then it was in the weekend.
  7. I am a nervewreck. I have to go back to college tommorow after 7 weeks.. I am so nausious about it.
  8. I don't really know to be honest. I am definitely not religious but sometimes I do believe there is a God. So I pray sometimes to thank Him but I am still not sure if I can truly believe he exsists. I do find the idea very comforting though!
  9. 1 I saw I lost a little bit of weight 2 I got a lot of exercise today 3 And we went chilling and swimming with some family wich was really fun.
  10. I've been feeling good during the day but now during the evening I feel so bad. Just the thought of going back to college next week makes me sick.. It's stressing me out and I really don't want to go back again because I hate it! I even have awful dreams about it every night. Just ugh.
  11. Really HOT. It's 35C today and tommorow it's expected to be 37C. This is going to be the hottest weekend since 1994.. So yeah. I like some sun but this is way too much.
  12. I am sorry you have the same issue.. I only pick up the phone if it's a close familymember our a close friend, other then that I don't. If ppl need a way to contact me I always give them my email instead of phonenumber, I always say I don't use my cell.. This is so stupid! Because like I said I have no problems with talking in reallife, that's why it's so weird to me but yeah. A friend told me once though ppl have 3 diffrent personalities. One online, one over the phone and one in person lol. I guess she has a point in that because a few friends of mine are a lot diffrent online and over the phone then in person. I think I just have an akward phone personality then..
  13. Yeah I struggle with the having to be the perfect everything as well... I'm very critical on myself so I guess that's part of the reason why I have this issue. And you are so right, when I do make a phonecall I'm always like, this HAS to go perfect otherwise the friendship will be ruined, our I screw up my career chances.. Like this whole part of my life depends on ONE phonecall. So stupid.. And I never really thought about that actually, that it's 50/50. I always automatically think that if something goes wrong it's my fault. I will probably have to change that so setting small goals would be good.. I'm gonna try that with my next phonecall. Anyways thank you Ep1ctetus, I appreciate it! :)
  14. Ok I don't know if this is the right forum for this so excuse me of it's not. Anyways so I was wondering if any of you are scared of the phone as well. I've been having this problems as long as I can remember. I mean whenever I have to make a phonecall I get so nervous, my heart starts pounding and when I dial the number my hands even start shaking. When the phone rings I get nervous as well but it's less then when I actually have to make the phonecall myself. I try to avoid the phone as much as I can so when I'm home alone I just let the phone ring and if there's any way I let my parents make the call for me, at 21! Even if I call up a good friend I get nervous, it can take me up to an hour before I finally have the courage to dial the number! Usually when I call for a while I get calmer but as soon as I hang up I start analyze every single thing that has been said... Even if the other person says he/she enjoyed the call! Lately I've started to call ppl up more often just for practice because I will need to make lots of calls for my new intern but it just doesn't seem to get easier. I stumble with my words and I just can't focus on what that other person says because I am too busy trying to distract myself from my nerves. This is so weird to me because I don't have any problems with a reallife conversation. Does anyone have this problem as well, our has some advice?
  15. Aw that is great :) I started keeping journals as well during my worst time wich is almost 3 years ago. I read them over a while ago and I couldn't believe certain things I wrote. I never really realized it back then but I was so sick.. So yeah, I am grateful for my journals because it allows me to see all the progress I've made so far. I'm doing SO so much better then then. Even just a year ago! It's a world of change really...
  16. Awful.. I feel like I screwed things up :(
  17. 1. I finally found new pillows for my room 2. I went swimming for almost an hour so I got my excersise for today 3. I called up my friend I haden't talked with for over a month. I always get very nervous about making calls but it went very well. I had missed her a lot so it was great to hear her voice and we filled eachother in on a lot of things lol. When she hang up she even thanked me for calling her!
  18. When I text our mail someone but that person doesn't reply back. Ugh I know it's stupid but that just annoys me so much lol.
  19. I feel sleepy but good though :) I went to the market with my family, then I went swimming and after I had a barbecue.. So yeah I'm tired now lol but I feel good!
  20. Medium height, medium weight. Just average looking haha.
  21. I like my body. I wouldn't say I LOVE it though because the're still certain parts I really dislike but overall I'm happy with how I look. I use to hate my body though. I've always been overweight and I've been bullied a lot with that, I also got a lot of negative comments from my family so that absolutely made me hate my body. But last summer I lost quit a few pounds and I finally look normal and I can just fit in normal size clothes. The past year I've also gotten so many compliments about my weightloss and body.. It's still a little weird because I never heard those kinds of things but after a year I'm finally starting to believe it lol. So anyways yeah, I like my body, it looks just like a "normal" womans body and even more important, it's healthy! So no reason for me to hate it any longer :)
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