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  1. Discouraged Unmotivated Frustrated Worries Annoyed Tired
  2. I just miss being so worryless with no responsibilities. Even High School was a peace of cake compared to college! But I also miss certain music like the Spice Girls haha. I use to be a huge fan :P I also miss certain tvshows.. Pretty much any childhood show I watched is gone now but thank God for YouTube haha.
  3. That body doesn't do what I want. I can't stand having to deal with physical issues.. :(
  4. After a terrible night I woke up with a sick feeling in my stomach.. I feel humiliated after yesterday and I am so scared :(
  5. I am really good actually :) So glad it's weekend!
  6. I feel great actually. I'm just feeling so happy right now :)
  7. 1. I went to my classes 2. I had a lot of fun with my friend 3. And I got a lot of compliments on how I looked. It made me shy lol.
  8. I feel frustrated. I really want to go to school but my physical health is just not working with me now :(
  9. Honestly my goal for today is just getting through it and hopefully I can preform well at my intern...
  10. I just woke up with a sick feeling in my stomach.. I wish I could just go back to bed but I can't. I am really not looking forward to today :( I wish it was just all over already.
  11. I am feeling sad and hopeless. Just so much stuff is going on now.. With myself, school, my family.. It's all too much :(
  12. It bugs me that I feel so bad again. After doing so well for my whole summer I felt like I could do anything and I'm not even two weeks back into college and I feel drained already. Why can't I just not continue to feel well when I'm in school? It bugs me I'm not able to do that..
  13. I am sick.. I am so annoyed because it makes me miss another class again! I'm just back in my second week of college and I missed at least a quarter of my classes already. It makes me even less motivated to continue if I'm constantly not feeling well.
  14. I am exhausted but that's good actually I guess. Tommorow my first day at my new intern starts, usually I am always extremely nervous about things like that but since I'm so tired I don't have time to be nervous. All I want is just get some sleep.. So yeah I am feeling pretty good.
  15. I tried it lol. My mom suggested it to me so I bought some stuff for it, and she tried to learn it to me.. But after a while I gave it up though. I just don't have the feeling for it, I find it so difficult for whatever reason..
  16. I use to be a huge Sims fan. I could spend hours building houses and creating families. It was such a relaxing thing for me to do.. I don't play it anymore though because we don't have a computer anymore but sometimes I do find myself missing it. It's really strange because it are just video games but they just give me a chance to escape reality.
  17. * I got to sleep in a little * My classes went well * I finally got to see my friend and give her my birthday presents. She was so happy with them, she really made my day and I felt so lucky to have a friend like her. She's amazing!
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