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  1. I don't understand that either.. My grandfather is like that, he is super positive all the time and he definitely had a hard life, he lost both his first and second wife.. But he never even got slighty depressed. I truly believe it is in your genes for 90% whether you get depressed or not. Even though I am doing fine now I am stil a "the glass is half empty, and it's also broken" kind of person. No matter how much I try to be more positive, when it's not going well with me I always fall back into my true self.

  2. I think I am both. Whenever I am around people I am an extravert, I'm definitely not shy. That is what people tell me as well. I love making people laugh and I truly enjoy talking to pretty much anyone. There are very few things I enjoy more then getting to know new people. However I am also perfectly fine staying at home for a few days and just have myself as company. I love that as well. Sometimes it feels like I have two personalities?

  3. I would consider myself "better" since I can function well, I have a job, I socialise and I genuinely enjoy life most days. However I don't think I'll ever truly get rid of the roots of my depression, it's just in my genes. From time to time I have those days I feel like not doing anything but crying and I even think about suicide, not that I would ever truly do it but sometimes it's such a comforting thought. Sounds weird right? So I do still have those times I feel very depressed which I have for at least 8 years now but it only lasts for a few days usually unlike before I was on medication when those times would take months.

  4. This might sound strange but I've never seen a whole Disney movie.. It's just not my cup of tea neither did my parents like it. I watched all kinds of childrens movies though when I was a child haha.

    Would you rather make a huge mistake or just never try so you can't fail?

  5. That's a great idea! I've been keeping journals for about 5/6 years now and I love it. I also have a very precious letter from my mom in it and other sweet messages I've gotten over the years from my family of friends. It's indeed great to read back whenever I feel low.

    So definitely go for it!

  6. I have only see one so obviously this doesn't count for all psychiatrists but I found he totally underestimated how sick I was (depression) just because I looked OK and I can talk about it easily. He didn't offer me any help, same went for at least 3 psychologists I've seen. Just don't go off on how someone looks (still taking care of themselves) and the fact that they can talk about it like it's no big deal, which was my way of handeling it.

    The only person who ever truly took me seriously and saw past it was/is my GP.

  7. I'm so sad! My mom just told me her brother (my uncle) never wants to see us anymore :(

    The thing is that my grandfather bought us a car (because we don't have one and my grandfather has a lot of money because he sold his second house) obviously the money my grandfather spend on the car my uncle gets as well but just a little later. Apparently he can't stand that and he told my my mom she's always having it the easy way and asking for help! Seriously? If there is someone who never asks for help its my mom! And he's the one who has it easy with his high paying job and happy marriage. Expensive vacations, €20.000 kitchen, rebuilding the house.. He doesn't even need a car, besides with the money he's getting he could buy himself a car as well. He's such an ass..

    Family fights suck!

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