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  1. My goal is to really enjoy my remaining days off, I think I can do that :) It's so good to be able to do what I want instead of my day having planned out already by classes and interning. So yeah I think I can make this goal.
  2. Rainy. We've had tons of rain up here. It's the worst weather IMO.
  3. I feel good.. So glad Christmas is over even though it was pretty fun. Today also my dad finally painted my bedroom and I got a new floorrug. I absolutely love it!
  4. Today was a good day! 1) I recieved a very sweet New Years card from my friend. 2) I finally got shoes to match my pretty dresses 3) Me and my mom had a nice bikeride.
  5. I am feeling hopeless and I need to make an important decision but I'm too scared to make it..
  6. Really good actually! I got a very nice message from my friend and I had a great phone conversation with another friend. I feel so lucky to have friends like that who care :)
  7. I am exhausted after a long day of working but besides that I feel ok.
  8. My goal is again to go to every single class and get through my intern days..
  9. A night like this by Sandra van Nieuwland. I'm absolutely in love with that song..
  10. Things that went right yesterday and today 1) I bought our Christmas tree with my dad and I decorated it with my mom. 2) I called up my auntie for her birthday and we had a nice talk. 3) I had a bikeride with my mom 4) Today I finally had a meal again after barely eating for a week.
  11. I was perfectly fine till I was 16.. It was this one turning point plus I also believe it's in my genes since more ppl in my family struggle with anxiety and depression.
  12. Lots of snow! It looks great but I hope it stops snowing in an hour since I have to go somewhere..
  13. Haha I'd love to be my cat as well.. He sleeps so much and he get treated like a prince by us all. He has an awesome life :D
  14. Today was a good day! :) 1) I made it to school today 2) My English presentation is finally over. We got the higest grade plus a lot of people were suprised on how good my English was lol. So that was cool since English is not my native language. 3) When I came home I saw my mom left me this sweet note and she bought me a chocolate letter since it's a national Holiday here in my country. 4) I helped my mom out by cooking for the family.
  15. Very nervous and tired.. Can't wait till this week is over!
  16. It's cold but the sun was shinning though. Nice winter weather :) We probably get snow tommorow though..
  17. I've only two.. 1) I did some Christmas shopping with my parents. 2) I finished making my presentation.
  18. Misunderstood Ignored Annoyed Frustrated Worried Tired
  19. I am exhausted.. My friend in school was like, it's like lately you're not yourself anymore. You're so quiet and you're scared of everything. Don't you feel well? And I'm like, no I don't feel well.. I keep missing classes and my motivation is not even there anymore. Ugh. I can't wait till it's Christmas break in 3 weeks.
  20. I feel just, blegh. I am so dissapointed with myself, my motiviation is at zero already and I really don't know how to improve it. I'm such a loser.
  21. Usually in the morning our evening, it fluctuates though. During the day I usually feel fine as I'm very busy with school and I'm around ppl. I'd say that when I'm alone, wich is early in the morning our late in the evening that's when I feel depressed because I don't have any distraction as I'm all by myself. That's why I hate being alone..
  22. I feel good! I did something usefull today and I got a lot of sleep and rest.
  23. Well this weekend was nice :) 1) I went shopping with my mom and I bought a gorgeous new dress. I love it, I keep putting it on and looking at myself in the mirror haha. 2) I catched up a lot of sleep and I got a lot of rest 3) I made all my assignments except for two 4) And I watched a nice movie
  24. Well my goal for upcoming week is going to every class plus I also want to finish up most of my intern assignments.
  25. I have two songs actually.. Turn my swag on by Keri Hilson and Skyfall by Adele.
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