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  1. Nervous. I woke up sick to my stomach.. I am so scared about going back to my intern tommorow after my supervisor yelled at me and made me look stupid. Already can't wait till Monday is over!
  2. Great! The weather is lovely, I had a bikeride and on the way back home my mom treated me on a delicious icecream.
  3. Well for the first in a pretty long time I really have an off day. Also I know already tommorow is going to suck so I cannot wait untill it's Wednesday..
  4. 1) I got up early to go to my morning class. 2) I had the courage to discuss my problems I have at my intern with my teachers. 3) I eated healthy all day. I even had fruit for a snack!
  5. Cold. In fact this month March is the coldest March in 25 years! I really can't wait untill the Spring weather starts to kick in, I'm done with the freezing cold and snow.
  6. I'm ok.. Something is really bugging me, it's even keeping me awake but on the positive side, if I go to school tommorow I have been to school everyday for four weeks in a row! I haven't made that since the beginning of the schoolyear.
  7. 1) I went shopping with my mom and she bought a great new outfit for herself. Just seeing her so happy in new clothes made me smile. 2) I bought a nice new t-shirt and necklace 3) I cleaned out my closet and threw aways some old stuff. And well just overall I felt happy today! :)
  8. The weather here is lovely! It was 20 degrees already, the sun was shinning this noon.. I really enjoyed my walk and bikride with this weather. It feels like Spring already :)
  9. Good! Today was such a great day again, the weather is lovely.. I already wore flipflops cause I couldn't wait any longer haha and my appointment went fine as well.
  10. Happy! Happy and proud. For the first in a long time in I've been to all my classes this week.
  11. That I am doing so well in my English class. My teacher kept complimenting me and even put me at a higher level.
  12. 1) It's my dads birthday and he's all happy and healthy. 2) My day at intern went ok. 3) Me and my friend finally talked about our misunderstanding after almost two weeks. 4) My laptop is finally fixed.
  13. No not at all. In fact I have to opposite.. I lost around 3 kg because I have no appetite whatsoever.. I really have to force myself to eat something because otherwise I'm totally fine with eating a few pieces of fruit a day.
  14. I am proud that even though I feel very hurt, and have knots in my stomach about something I still managed to have a good time today at a birthday party. I was able to take my off things and have fun.
  15. 1) I had a great time at my nephews birthday 2) I felt beautiful, I wore nice clothes, put some make up on and did my hair 3) I eat a lot of nice food haha.
  16. I feel kinda weird.. Me and one of my best friends got into this stupid fight over nothing and she just refuses to answer my phonecalls our call me back. Instead she wants to fight it out over text! I said I am not going to do that but I think she's even more mad now. Just ugh! Anyways besides this crap I actually feel pretty good, it's still my vacation. I am not going to let this stupid situation ruin my mood.
  17. People who don't keep there promises. I get so annoyed when someone tells me he will do something but he doesn't and then when I confront them they make up a stupid excuse..
  18. I am exhausted at the end of the day so falling asleep is not a problem but I do wake up during the middle of the night and then it hard to fall back asleep. I'd say I sleep the same as I slept before I was on Lexapro..
  19. Today I am proud that I didn't get upset when I felt somebody is ignoring me.. Normally I would feel horrible but I feel ok now!
  20. Well truely a memorable day I don't know but overall my days are great lately. I'm doing good! I spend a lot of time with my family, talk to my friends and go out so that makes me happy :) Just having distraction is good I'd say.
  21. I feel great actually. My friend peptalk yesterday gave me such a boost, I feel awesome! :) I can't thank her enough for that..
  22. About yesterday & today 1) Even though I was about to cry and wanted to walk out I still managed to do the assignment for this one class. 2) My friend gave me the sweetest and best peptalk ever! I feel so lucky to have a friend like her who makes me feel good about myself :) 3) I am almost at my goal weight 4) My break has started, I have a week of from college :)
  23. After an aweful day yesterday, I seriously felt I screwed my whole life up I feel ok again... Still not having the best day but at least there's hope again! :)
  24. 1) I've gone back to my healthy habbits after the Holidays. 2) I made a walk with my parents 3) And well I just feel good! :)
  25. I am feeling suprisingly well for today. The past few years I have always been very depressed at New Year but I actually quiet enjoyed this day and I am looking forward to the fireworks!
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