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  1. Why am I expecting a grand day just because i turned a year older today!!!! Yes I'm feeling very angry with myself for expectiing too much from my father (who always took me out to dinner on my bday) who is now on his way on a mini vacation with my step mother. They called this morning saying happy birthday on my cell whilst driving to their mini holiday.....

    I feel sad and hurt but i know i shouldn't act like a selfish kid.....

    Ok feeling crappy - going to lay down and try to forget the freakin' world for a day

    I'm a day late but Happy belated Birthday! ?

  2. When I was depressed I didn't had friends either. I think it's just really difficult to make new friends or keep them if you are miserable, I mean you don't even have energy to take care of yourself (at least I didn't) so leave alone to be a friend to someone else. But I have to say that at that time I didn't really care much because all I did was sleeping or laying on the sofa.. I always had a great family though so if I did needed to talk to someone or go outside the house I could rely on them.

    Currently I still don't have a lot of friends but I do have a few whom I love very much! :) It is just nice being able to talk and hang out with people my own age instead of my family who's all my older or younger.

  3. I wouldn't say I am depressed anymore due my medications but pretty much anyone who's close to me knows I have struggled and I am still on antidepressants.. I don't remember I really told them straight up, my parents just knew since I wasn't myself anymore. My mom took me to or GP, which was 7/8 years ago and even though I hated her at the time for that I am grateful she did that. My mom has been my biggest support, she is always there for me emotionally and my dad pays for my medication. My brother doesn't really think much of it I guess but he's always been cool about it. My aunt knows as well, not all the details but yeah she's also been very supportive.

    And then my friends.. There is one friend who pretty much knows all, she's struggling with depression as well so it's very comfortable to talk with her about it. My other friends do know but we don't really talk about it though. The only bad respons I ever got was when I told one of my best friends actually I was on antidepressants. She said I was toxicating myself and I could better use marihuana to numb myself.. I thought that was really inappropriate but yeah, so far that's the only negative experience I had with the people I love. I'm lucky!

  4. 1. Someone to be in a romantic relationship with.

    2. A job into where I can actually mean something to people.

    3. Getting my driving license and a car

    4. Being able to go to college again and study to become an English teacher.

    5. Becoming a mom one day

    6. A double oven since I love cooking and baking.

    7. Spending more time with my dad.

    8. Seeing my friends more.

    9. Traveling! Countries like Spain, Canada and India are for sure on my list.

    10. And it would make me happy if my family is happy and healthy as well :)

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