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  1. At nighttime it's at is worse since I have no distraction. Mornings are fine, so is it during the day when I'm busy.
  2. Lovely! Even though it is winter I could go outside in just a shirt and vest.
  3. Fine.. I did some studying and walking :)
  4. Pasta for diner but besides that I lived on cake today haha.
  5. Appointment at City Hall, groceries and theory classes at my driving school.
  6. Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azelea with Problem. Such a guilty pleasure haha.
  7. It was nice during the day but when I rid home on my bike at 10.00 pm it was freezing..
  8. This guy I met at driving school, who added me on FB is sooo creepy.. He scares me.
  9. Yes I can relate to that. A few months ago when I started Lexapro (10mg) again I felt the same.. I was just unable to sit still. My brain really wanted too but I had to move. I was constantly walking around the rooms of my house and when I sat or layed down for a couple minute I had to move my legs and my arms. I only slept about hours a night. It took about 2/3 weeks since that side affect wore off.
  10. Lots of fruits, carrots and bread haha.
  11. That I didn't freak out during my driving lesson. It's been a really long time I hated something as much as taking driving lessons ? haha.
  12. Pasta with chicken and tomatosauce with rasberry ice for dessert. Yum!
  13. Yes I do have that too. It has gotten less but I still find "people sounds" really annoying especially chewing, eating, or sniffing their nose..
  14. Extreme fatigue, insomnia, nauseous, tingles throughout my body and stomach cramps.
  15. My family; in particular my mom, aunt and grandfather.. And well two friends of mine. I'm very lucky to have a lot of supportive people in my life. They might not understand everything but I can always count on them :)
  16. I am not religious, neither was I raised to.. I don't think I believe there is a God but I do pray. How weird? Usually before I go to sleep; I don't know but for some reason it's really calming.
  17. Well I don't think you should feel ashamed. I mean what if you needed to take a medication for your heart? or liver? or something? But yeah I feel the same way you do, I don't like taking pills but without them I am lost. Yes that's what my mom and doctor say too. If I had to take medications for something physical I wouldn't feel like this.. I guess it's because a lot of people still talk so negatively about antidepressants.
  18. My cat. When it's noon he always gets wet food which he loves but since we ran out of that I just give him some dry food.. He looked at it like *** and then follow me around with a sad look on his face haha. So cute! My brother and I laughed so hard..
  19. A little chilly but nice enough to go outside.
  20. Fine. A little tired but I did a lot of productive things so it's good.
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