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  1. I never lose my temper either.. I just start crying instead.
  2. I feel a bit stressed but I have two weeks of for the Holidays so that's nice :)
  3. Putting on music or I'll go to my mom and ask her to tell her she loves me.. Nothing can beat that! :)
  4. I don't think it is.. It's just choosing for yourself. If someone is that unhappy he/she feels they just can't live anymore and did try anyone in their power to change that I don't think it's selfish. Of course you'll leave people behind with a lot of pain but I think if those people truly loved you they rather have you peaceful in their heart them miserable in your life.
  5. Pasta, lots a chips and more pasta haha.
  6. I cooked a healthy meal and I eat it.. I don't know what it is but since a week or two my appetite is practically gone.
  7. Why do I always make a joke out of anything and myself? People now think I'm super funny and always happy but I'm not. Yes I am doing ok but I'm certainly not always happy.
  8. I'm good. Busy day today and a busy day tommorow but I actually like it. Better then sitting as home.
  9. I got a lot of work done at my volunteer job.. So I feel good about my day! :)
  10. I have always loved Christmas even when I was very depressed or two year ago when my parents just got divorced.. I am really looking forward to spending it with my family like always. To me that is just one of those magical days. However I can't stand New Years Eve, I always spend it half of the day crying for whatever reason. What always helps me is to think of it as just any other day, to not make a big deal of it. Usually I just watch a movie and have a nice snack and it is over quicker then you would think.
  11. For th first time in my life I actually won something. I entered on of my baking a into this competition of a supermarket and I won! I am getting a package with all kinds of baking supplies.
  12. Stormy! It's really getting fall here ???
  13. My coworker.. I hate it but I think I'm having a huge crush on her. Blah!
  14. Probably this isn't gonna change how you feel about it but I think you look great! You shouldn't feel insecure about it.
  15. I love cooking (and baking) as well, I've been calling it my free therapy for years.. So I love this thread :)
  16. I got in my head that I want an aquarium.. don't ask me why haha but I can't stop thinking about it.
  17. I don't understand that either.. My grandfather is like that, he is super positive all the time and he definitely had a hard life, he lost both his first and second wife.. But he never even got slighty depressed. I truly believe it is in your genes for 90% whether you get depressed or not. Even though I am doing fine now I am stil a "the glass is half empty, and it's also broken" kind of person. No matter how much I try to be more positive, when it's not going well with me I always fall back into my true self.
  18. Very simple but "I love you" and "I am here for you". If I am truly feeling low those two are the only ones who can comfort me. No beautiful quote or smart sentences beat those two. I also love my grandfather who always says "Everything is going to be ok, there is a solution to everything"
  19. Tired but full filled. It's always better to feel tired after a workday then feel tired after doing nothing.
  20. I think I am both. Whenever I am around people I am an extravert, I'm definitely not shy. That is what people tell me as well. I love making people laugh and I truly enjoy talking to pretty much anyone. There are very few things I enjoy more then getting to know new people. However I am also perfectly fine staying at home for a few days and just have myself as company. I love that as well. Sometimes it feels like I have two personalities?
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