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  1. Geez, I didn't think my spelling was that bad. I'm surprised spellcheck didn't pick that up
  2. Aww, thanks Brian, coming in here is like visiting old friends. There's a saying 'Don't look back, you're not going that way', and I really try to live by that, but sometimes those inner demons rear their ugly head and invade your mind with what could have been. You're right about our minds story, it wants you to believe that your life could have been perfect if only........, but who's to say that what you really wanted to do back then would have worked out and made you happy anyway.
  3. "Life is what you make it" they say. Doesn't quite work that way if you don't have the capabilities to make it what you want . Reflecting on what might have been if I'd had the confidence.
  4. How will you feel if you don't accept it JD, will you regret it for the rest of your life or feel relieved. Take your 'loser nature' out of the equation and think if this could be a positive change in your life. Make the right decision for the right reasons.
  5. Tired, nauseous, restless and just going through the motions until night time when I can curl up in bed and watch youtube vids without feeling guilty.
  6. I love fish but any other seafood makes me gag , any kind of rare meat and I too can do without the fast food and the blue cheese.
  7. Not from a movie but a book. "By the pricking of my thumbs.......something wicked this way comes" Said by one of the witches in Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' and later, 'Something wicked this way comes' became the title of a Ray Bradbury book.
  8. Wow, well done sober , and a happy belated birthday to you!
  9. Me either. Same cr@p, different day. Not true LH, how can you possibly bring everyone down when most of us are already there.
  10. Thanks Brian, hugs right back atcha! That's ok sober. I probably shouldn't have had a child, a bit selfish on my part, knowing that this may happen.
  11. Guilt ridden for bringing my son into a world he hates so much and for passing on this life destroying disease to him.
  12. Hey Shio, nice to see you again! I know what you mean about feeling uninspired. It's hard when you're on your own and have no motivation.
  13. I used to joke when I was younger that I would end up being that crazy hermit cat lady that lived in a dilapidated house and kids would point at it as they walked past. Well I have the dilapidated house and the cats I just need my son to move out and I'll be her. Or maybe my son will become that weird guy who lives with his crazy mum
  14. I can relate to that Brian (except I like pea soup ).
  15. I'd rather be sleeping. My house is a mess, my mind is a mess and my life is a mess. Love, hugs and "likes" to everyone, it's so sad to see how much we are all suffering.
  16. (((((RiverLight))))), how can you be a bad person? You gave this man a home, you loved and cared for him and he took advantage of that. You have every right to throw him out of your apartment. Don't waste your time worrying about him, it doesn't sound like he's worth it. I know it's hard because I've been there, trying to 'save' people just wears you down. You will come through this and know that you've made the right decision. Concentrate on YOU, you've been through enough.
  17. ((((((((((Tim)))))))))), I wish I had the words to help you come back from that verge :( and you are NOT a loser, why?, because I said so and I'm sure everyone here would agree with me. Oil may not mix with water but we still need it!
  18. (((((((((((RiverLight)))))))))) My heart goes out to you.
  19. Oh no RiverLight I'm so very sorry! I know it won't ease your pain but I'm sending love and big hugs your way
  20. Omg JD, I'd be happy to wear one layer of clothes when it's 0C, but I've usually got so many layers of clothes on I feel like the Michelin Man!!!
  21. Same cr@p, different day. My life is, always has been and always will be a pathetic, miserable existence. I may have been gone for a while but I think about you guys all the time. You are my safe place and I feel like I know some of you better than I know people irl. Love and hugs to all of you!!
  22. Wanna hear something funny? Did some grocery shopping this morning (no, that's not the funny part), came home, made myself a french vanilla latte and then go to wrap a blanket around me because it's cold and coffee goes flying all over my laptop, my clean couch cover and the floor. Rush out for some towels, throw one on the laptop and one on the floor and proceed to mop up the lovely sticky sweet mess. In the process I knock off one of the keys on my keyboard, swear a little, finish cleaning the mess and try to put my key back on. Fiddle about trying to clip the white bits back on, snap on the key and it doesn't push properly. Take it off, notice the little rubber bit is missing, swear a bit more and thinking I may have mopped it up with the floor towel which I shook out the back, I proceed to crawl around in the long grass looking for it. (Are you laughing yet? my son would be, if he was home). Realized how ridiculous this was, went back inside and took a rubber thingy off another key that I don't use to put on my F5 key. Now I have 2 broken keys. Fiddle around a bit more with the stupid clips, decide to look around on the floor in case I didn't throw it out (should have done this first) and found it! Fiddle around some more and 1 1/2hrs after flinging my coffee across the room, both keys are back on the keyboard! Think I'll go mow the lawn now......hugs to everyone, have a nice day
  23. So much to do.........so little motivation.....
  24. Utterly miserable. Winter's coming and I barely survived it last year.
  25. Yes I would because I would be the only person I'd ever met that had the same interests and way of thinking as me. I wouldn't feel as weird or alone.
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