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  1. Hello Mr.Anon and welcome to DF. I'm also 16 and in high school dealing with what I assume to be severe depression. I feel very much the same way as you do about school and life. If there is anything I've learned here, it's that you can never give up! This is a very supportive and informative group. I'd suggest reading some of other people's posts and just taking some of other people's ideas for treatment and help. Other people are in the same boat as us or already have been, but they've gotten through it and have successfully recovered. I believe we can too. Keep trying with the medicine. Talking to people about your problems has seemed to be the best cure so far. For the low self-esteem, I try to do good things and make myself feel better about myself. Whether it's helping someone out with their problems or just being a good person. It seems to work for some while it hurts others because of an overload of problems and stress. I know you can do this, you've just got to keep trying. Good luck Anon!!!
  2. Dear S, I completely understand where you're coming from and so do a lot of others. Always remember that we're here for you and we'll all get through this together. The support of this forum is outstanding and truly life-changing. I woudl advise going to a doctor for therapy or medicinal help or at least just some advice if you have not already. I personally call the "going through the paces" as being "emotionally dead" or "gone". As simple as it sounds, try to find a hobby. People just need something to distract themselves from their emotions, or at least it works for me. Always strive to get back to happiness and never let go of that goal! I sometimes try to imagine a memory that makes you have a positive emotion whether a smile or a laugh or anything. Hold on to that feeling and clear your mind of everything except that feeling. Let it take over you, become it. Then whenever you feel those negative emotions creeping up on you, remember that memory and keep going. You're not alone in this. Good luck!!!
  3. Do me a favor and look into a mirror. Look at yourself and tell yourself that you're pretty. That no matter what anyone says, no matter how harsh and cruel it was, that it's in the past and this is the new you. You're a beautiful girl who will be able to accomplish her dreams and has a successful future ahead of yourself. I've been through the bullying, low self-esteem and all that comes with that, as well as the lack of love. But trust me, you're going to find someone who will love you for you. Someone who will understand you, help you, and make you feel good about yourself. Everything will work out, you've just got to keep striving for it and even when you hit a rough spot, keep on going. Don't let anything or anyone get you down. This is your new life, live it to the fullest.
  4. Don't give up at that. In this type of case you always have to keep pushing forward. As hard as it seems, there is always an answer and I'm sure you will find one. You've started taking the first steps of getting out of this, now you just have to keep heading towards the goal. I'd try to talk with your doctor again and explain your monetary issue and see if they have any other options. If not, try and find someone that's close that you can trust who might be able to just listen and comment on your situation. It's surprisingly helpful just talking to someone who will just listen to you. Good luck, and never give up!
  5. Thanks for checking back in DreamAgain, and thank you for all your help and support RachFace and Meirionne. I checked out the school counselor but they don't seem to deal with issues like this, or at least in my school they don't. I have yet to include my mom and my dad seems to have just dropped it. This week was the first week that I've actually been semi-happy in a long time and I actually think it is due to this forum. I was wondering if this would continue as a future trend or if it would just crash again soon. Either way, it's nice. Is it wrong if I just try to drop this and hide it for another 2 years? It seems like it would save a lot of trouble and in 2 years I can consult with my doctor without my parents being needed for an appointment or a prescription. Off your past knowledge would this be an alright course of my future? I think I can deal with it for another two years, but I don't know if that will just cause worse symptoms and cause this to get out of control... Thank you again for your support and guidance through this rough time!
  6. I started my depression when I began highschool as well. I began off lazy but was able to pull out of most of it at the very end when I needed it so I got lucky. I just joined this forum but things already seem like they will get better. Keep trying different treatments and just hope that one will do the trick. hope is what we can hang on to, never let it go. Say what you feel like you need to and I can almost promise that somebody will be there. And besides, this helps others like me reading about other's situations. So you never know, you may just save some other people on your path to happiness. Good luck, I'm sure everything will finally stop and get better soon. Just look forward to that day and remember that you always have that bright future.
  7. Well... how to begin? I'm a 16 year old in highschool. I get good grades in high level courses, I have some friends (though not many), I'm a nerd, etc... My problem? I'm completely miserable even though I have a great life. Today was the first time I've been better than dead or "eh..." for more than 20 minutes. I think I have clinical severe depression. I've taken more than ten surveys including a 101 question one, some I found off this site, and all the quizzes off of the first page and a half of google. Even when I try to take them really leniently and mild out most of my answers, I still get severe depression as my result. I have the most caring and sweet girlfriend and she's the only thing in my life that keeps me going. I feel horrible that I treat her so badly due to my mood and I know that's not right. So I want to fix things for her, for us, for my friends, and my parents. I have a and she's worse than me. We both talk openly about depression and we both agree that we have it pretty bad (though nowhere near as bad as others have it). We are the people that stop others from committing suicide or hurting themselves or being upset. We take care of people's problems and try to make the world a better place, thus we would never commit suicide because that would just cause too much trouble for the people we care about. We've been trying to figure out how to tell our parents about our depression, none of us was ever able to do it... Until tonight. I told my dad (he's the more close of the two and most similar to me). I'm pretty sure he doesn't believe that I'm truly depressed and that this is just part of being a teenager... But I've been upset since seventh grade, depressed since ninth, and severely depressed since tenth (my current grade) even though my life has gotten better. No matter what good things happen to my, I just crash out of nowhere. I can be having the best time of my life with my bestfriend or girlfriend or both and then all of a sudden be dead and then I try to hide it so that they'll stay happy but once they catch it I feel even worse. My father's last words to me tonight were that he doubts he'd ever get meds for me (which I'm very promed). I've been really wanting them for a long time and he just kind of crushed that... So now I have to hope my mom and possibly doctor (if I go to one) will attempt to put me on them. I just want to be able to make their life and mine better. Life is something people should enjoy, I want to experience that. My question is... How do I convince my parents that I'm truly depressed and it's not just a phase? That this is something that they should truly look into? My friends think I'm more than just upset or sad figuring I've been that way for over a year and pretty bad for months now. I have lost interest in all the things I loved, band and karate mainly (which is my exercise so that's not something that could help me). I have terrible mood swings from happy to dead and I get super frustrated and enraged quite easily. I just want to know what might be able to help. I'm taking a test right this very minute and my answers were as follows: 1) I get agitated by things that I don't normally: most the time 2) I did not feel like eating: most of the time (I don't eat breakfast and I don't like to eat lunch) 3: I felt like other people couldn't help me: most of the time 4)I couldn't keep focused: occasionally 5) I felt depressed: most of the time 6) I felt like everything I did was an effort: moderately 7) I thought I was a failure: moderately 8) My sleep was strange (I can't fall asleep easily and I have vivid nightmares): most of the time 9) I talked less than usual: moderately 10) I felt lonely: most of the time 11) I had crying spells: moderately 12) I felt sad: most of the time 13) I could not get going: moderately. I do not think that I'm bullied at all, actually quite the opposite. I have people who try to help, but they just can't. I'm always upset no matter what. So... what do I do now??? Thanks for any feedback, and I'm sorry for how poorly this was written and organized. Have a good day and I hope that things get better for you or stay well.
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