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  1. Thanks i appreciate that. Also just curious what do you mean by change to you and what is this technique. Just curious. also i appreciate the opinion.
  2. Ah ok let me put this again. You see i prefer games that aren't so focus on suggested themes. Like having lots of girls naked or skimpy outfits or sexual themes. I prefer they don't have that in games i play. Like one game example is GTA because i'm sure that game has a ton of it or something that is more about fanservice. You know showing lots of girl's chest bouncing. I rather have it where the female are awesome for who they are, not just because they are in skimpy outfits or so, its more about who they are, not about showing off suggestive or sexual theme. I also feel the same for animes like one piece and naruto. However, while I don't like those thing in games and certain games, i do enjoy it in a way with certain animes that are meant to be like that. Fun comedy like anime that are themes for those kind of older content. Does that make more sense what i'm trying to say. Does that make me sound like a hypocrite if i'm against those thing in games and certain anime but for it in more mature like anime.
  3. Hello there, i hope this is the right place to post this. Something been getting me down as I think I'm hypocritical or not. So i hope i could get some friendly advice about this. You see, at times i like to watch anime that are ecchi, otherwise mature or to say girls with big chest, etc. While i enjoy that, i only perfer it in anime that are made to be ecchi. I don't like it in other anime or not into anime that i find inspiring or moving like naruto, one piece, digimon, etc. The same goes for video games for sure. I rather not have it in video games or get involved in video games. Does that make me sound like a hypocrite because while i may watch and enjoy those things in certain anime, i don't want it in other animes i enjoy and especially in video games for sure. That also goes for real life for sure as well. If this is the wrong place to post this, i'll delete it. Hope this doesn't cause a problem. Just trying to figure out if i'm being hypocritical.
  4. I think i'm getting closer to understand and i appreciate the help. You see i was put down for something i enjoy and it made it seem like i wasn't involve with the world or was completely naive or full of it. So it made it feel like the things i watch while may be a good influence or positive feeling were just lies or manipulating and that made me feel worried. Then it got worse when i felt like i just believe anything that sound positive and made me worry if i saw something negative use in a positive way, i think it was positive, like hurting someone. Thats why i got worried and soon that led to intrusive thoughts of people including people close. I think what bother me is because i felt i was being put down and i was worried that i use one of the negative things to solve it thinking it was right or positive but that is really wrong. Sorry if it sound confusing. But i am realizing things and clearing my head but still have some anxiety and intrusive thoughts but i'm closer to solving this.
  5. Yep just need to work on balance. Due to my anxiety disorder and events, it made it feel like i overrely on video games and anime but they are inspiration. I mean I go to the gym, i know i need to stay healthy, and got to keep on drawing to get better. Just i been put down and i been around people who are negative. I think my parents were also a helpful influence for me at times.
  6. Already on it. I just apply for a job for that at a company but have to see if they accept me or not. We will wait and see. In the meantime, i'll continue to draw more of my artwork.
  7. I got a lot of games to play. Games are a passion for me. I'm a fan of rpg mostly the jrpg like final fantasy, wild arms, kingdom hearts, suikoden, the tales series and more. I'm looking forward to starhawk and i got the awesome wii game xenoblade chronicles. :)
  8. Actually if you guys like to know i already had balance for my crisis, i was going to the gym 3 times a weeks, trying to stay and shape and i was of course going to school. I still keep in shape and i graduated from my college with a bachaelor degree.
  9. Also not to sound rude, when i hear that, it makes me feel even worse as i being accuse of that and feel guilty that is something wrong when i don't. The old all or nothing.
  10. Umm that isn't what the problem. You misread it, i'm being accuse of it when i don't do that. I feel that i have a problem but i'm not. I'm being put down and making me doubt myself.
  11. Plus i think i was bother because i was surrounded by so many negative people at my college
  12. Yeah i appreciate that if you like to know one game that is positive feeling and an inspiration for me is the one thats in your avatar. Kingdom hearts, i love that game and the music is beautiful. I find the things in that game inspiration and helpful but that doesn't meant i'm going to take it overdrive. Just positive feeling and inspiration since the game involves many positive things like hearts, dreams, and friends.
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