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  1. Anyone taking lamictal & pregablin along with mirtazipine? Since starting on lamictal my mood has become more stable but my anxiety has shot through the roof, my support worker has to come twice a week to get me out. My mirtazipine don't seem to be effective anymore and my mood is slipping again get very emotional and left wondering why i'm crying also finding since coming off ssri medications my suicide thought have increased and again most day & nights left thinking about ways out of this hell hole. I'm interested in hearing from anyone on similar medication experience the same or can relate.. Look forward to your replies.
  2. Lamotrigine is fantastic i've been on 150mg for just over a month I do 75am and 75pm with mirtazepine 45mg at night. It works great i feel normal for the first time in 3 years. Fingers crossed it lasts. Would like to hear from long term users of lamictal and does it last? good luck to all....
  3. I've just added some more dtawings used my 32mb so can't put the rest up,
  4. Thanks for you comments, I do use my art for therapy and does work for me for short term distraction. I used to like drawing when i was at school and not much good at anything else, a creative mind i follow. I've never felt though that whatever i do is good enough and what drawings i have finished in the past have not been good enough even though people do say there very good, perfectionist in me. taysmom1016 I wish I did have a beautiful mind, I feel my mind works against me most of the time and wins, and is the worst mind to be in. phychosis I feel comes from having a creative mind where thoughts are vivid and clear. I'm finding recently my moods have been dipping to extremes and my high moods have been really good and clear, I can't help but think that when i'm really low i'm at some point not going to make it through, I can be quiet impulsive hense my previous hospital admissions when i lost everything that i had in my life, and is why I have home care now,. I had police come and take my shotguns off me because i was going to blow my brains out, but then thought what a mess it would make and when i wasn;t thinking about that I was hanging from a bridge. Sorry for been negative after your positive & lovelly comments just on a low again after nearly a week of feeling to be honest great my lamictal has been increased this week to 150 and swinging again i feel.
  5. Hi, I've managed to upload some photo's of my art work and myself on my Gallery Page....will upload more like i said i've started around 10 over the past week but unable to finish any..
  6. Hi There, I've just gone upto 150mg lamictal I get night sweats every night, so yes i'd say it is the drug i've been a few different drugs and haven't really had the sweats this bad, You can gets sweats off the pine's and gine's type of drugs. Another thing ive noticed since been on lamictal is concerntration is poor but that could be to mood & thoughts still up & down at the momment.
  7. O well that were'nt much cop was is wanted to show you some of my pictures how do you it on here?
  8. Started around 10 drawings over the past week and don't seem to be able to finish one cause i loose concerntration after about 1/2 hour.
  9. Had a few better days i think this lamotrigine is kicking in on 100mg a day and mirtazapine 45mg along with 10mg cipralex, at last i'm starting to feel normal again. Ive even got my pencils and paper out today and drawing david beckham for one of my cpn..
  10. Better day today slept last nigh and been out today with my dad. hopefully these lamotrigine is kicking in already. Fingers and legs crossed
  11. I'm ok still here i've had a call from hometreatment team this afternoon so they know how ive been and what i'm like now. Just got to get through tonight I'm tempted to take some serquel which i have in the cupboard just to try and get a nights sleep.
  12. How can i escape from this without doing anything silly? just to get through tonight
  13. I can't go to er because i'm to scared to leave my home, i have spoke to samaritans but i've made my choice before i have been nervous about suicide wanting to but almost scared to carry it through it's my past attempts have been to knock myself out of things but i've had a wave of relief tonight and feel calm about it. I'd would like to say thank you for you support and understanding and i wish you all well.
  14. I'm at my lowest tonight that i've ever been i'm sat writing my final words in a letter to my family, I come to an end with this battle i'm not has strong has i thought or what people think i am. I'm sick of being trapped within myself voices are beating me down everything is telling me enough. I wish you all well, i'll be formatting my laptop tonight and getting rid of account i have. Good luck
  15. Anyone know if lamotrigine is fast acting or takes time like other medication ie, ssri's also is it activating or just a mood stablizer? 3rd day on it, and just the same slight itching but not a problem....
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