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  1. hi does anyone know if either of these are available in australia? thanks
  2. hi everyone old member that hasnt been around in a while. Anyone thats here currently tried this med? its sold as wellbutrin and zyban. has anyone seen it available online? thanks
  3. I have heard many options but has anyone found anything that actually works? Have heard baclofen may be good but have yet to try it
  4. Hi I was wondering if anyone has or ever heard of anyone feeling hot as a symptom of their depression? For me it is made worse with physical exercise and can take hours to days to subside. Depending on how hard I have pushed myself. I would really appreciate any comments as this has been troubling me for some time. Thanks
  5. Hi people, anyone know anyone or have themselves tried any thing for their depression outside of the standard treatments? With a little bit of research I have heard about people finding relief from about fourty different medications(so far) that I had never previously heard of. And new theory's on the cause of depression eg. Endogonous opioid deficiency, lack of GABA and/or acetylcholine and apparently a big new emerging area of science that believes the bacteria in our stomach may be responsible for our mental states. This is being studied at Guelph uni for example. Just wondering if anyone has looked outside the standard treatments? Thanks
  6. HI has anyone ever heard of hypnosis being used for depression or thought about trying it? If people can be hypnotised to think and do all sorts of things so why cant someone be hypnotised to feel happy?
  7. I dont feel a deep depression at the moment (i know what that feels like and this isnt it) but I have no exitement about life either, no motivation or drive. I can wake up in the morning and keep trying to go back to sleep and take me two to three hours to get out of bed. when I look back even as a kid I was like this to a degree, always hated mornings and had to make myself get up. but it is getting worse as I get older. if it keeps progressing im worried how bad it will get. I have inherited this from my father who is very similar. Im on meds already to keep the deep depression at bay, but I dont like being like this, everything seems like too much hard work and a real struggle. anyone know how to combat this? do I need another med? I have tried all of the ones available in australia. anyone else feel like this? thanks
  8. Eiwra, I have all these thoughts aswell.
  9. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  10. Hi guys, canI ask why people seem to be prescribed celexia and wellbutrin together? thanks
  11. I am trying to work out if I have cfs and/or depression. If I take antidepressants I feel better mentally and start to improve my energy levels, maybe with time my energy would return to normal. If I try to do things like excercise without medication it just makes me more and more exhausted. Does anyone get this extreme lack of energy with thier depression. If anyone can add anything I would be very gratefull. thanks
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