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  1. Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

    I'm sorry you are having problems with the different generics they are giving you. I made sure when I started on the generic to stick with one pharmacy and let them know that I want that certain manufacturer. I now have to order a 90 day refill by mail order and so my doctor prescribed sertraline but only in the manufacturer that I have been using for my sertraline. I use Greenstone manufacturer. They are "supposed" to be the closest to the real Zoloft. So anyways my doc wrote on the prescription "manufacturer brand medically necessary." I just sent it off in the mail today and I really hope that they comply. Good luck to you and hope you get that headache taken care of.
  2. I definitely second the idea of taking Xanax or something similar. Startup side effects of Zoloft are pretty rough sometimes. Its especially bad because of the constant dose increases in the beginning to get to a therapeutic level. I used to be on Lexapro, and with this med, it was much faster because I went from 5 mg in one week and then 10 mg the next week. After about 3 weeks on Lexapro, I almost felt normal and so much better. I started Zoloft in late March and I am just now feeling the benefits. Everybody is different though. I had to take it slow on increasing my dosages. I was cutting the 100 mg to 75 mg for almost 2 months and finally decided to jump to 100 mg. It took me that long because starting the 75 mg was difficult. My doc gave me Klonopin to take one dose daily at night. It really did help through the night and most of the next day. I only took half the dose I was prescribed (5 mg). I took Klonopin for a little over 2 weeks and then weaned myself off of it. That's another story too. I don't think I would take it even for more than 2 weeks again. So anyways, I would suggest that you stick with Zoloft and take Xanax when you need it. No need to suffer more than you have to.
  3. Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

    Update: Day 6 on my hopefully last increased dose of Zoloft (100 mg). I actually thought it would be harder than it has been. I've only had to take my rescue Xanax a couple of times (and still a small dose). On the 3rd day of the new dose, I had a nocturnal panic attack and it scared me so I took a bit larger dose of Xanax. I did have increased anxiety and still do but I think that it is slowly getting better. I'm glad I finally decided to jump up. The first few days also gave me stomach upset but I dealt just fine. I'm just glad its only in the beginning. So another thing that may not be related is that I have been experiencing fibromyalgia-like symptoms. I have yet to be diagnosed but I know something is going on. I find that sometimes its a little difficult to fall asleep when my feet are aching (kind of like I've been on them all day when I really haven't) and I know the morning is going to be worse. Mornings after that always bring whole body aches...hard to explain. Not like flu aches,...more like aches that you get when your extremities are swollen. I show no outward signs of swelling but it just feels that way. I noticed these symptoms a little over a year ago and tried different diets. I went to an almost "caveman" diet and then finally started reintroducing different foods. Finally, I decided to go gluten free. I also noticed that I became gluten intolerant soon after my gallbladder was removed. My doc did test for that but since I was already ON the gluten free diet, it showed up negative. I didn't want to reintroduce gluten for fear I would feel terribly again. I think that this diet has helped tremendously and I thought that maybe the aches were due to eating gluten....that is, until today. Last night, it took me awhile to fall sleep because my feet were starting to ache. So this morning I knew I was in for it. I took some Tylenol after sleeping in for a few more minutes but nothing helped. I didn't feel bad enough to miss work but it is still annoying and painful. Sometimes this pain lasts for days and sometimes just a few hours. Right now, I still feel it but not as bad as this morning. I'm hoping that if this is fibro, then the Zoloft might help most of the time with the pain. I call it pain because I have no other way of explaining it because its a little more bearable than true after an injury or headache, etc. So I was just wondering if anyone here has been diagnosed with fibro and if it sounds like I may have it too. I think I would trust people here to diagnose me because there is no real test for diagnosis anyways. I'm hoping that research is ongoing for fibro. I feel so bad for the people who have this everyday. I just feel like I cannot have one normal day. I want to feel like me again. I'm so tired of these thoughts of being left alone and dying. My worst fear is death and I don't know why. I can tell that it is getting better (way better than a couple of months ago) but I'm just being really impatient. I have planned a surprise trip for my husband this weekend and the anxiety is rising. Our trip is to New Mexico and is the worst drive. The roads are pretty much desolate and when there is a town to pass...its really small. Like I've said before, one of my biggest triggers for anxiety is wide open spaces where there is no hospital nearby. I'm not even sure why I would want a hospital nearby...usually all they do is reassure me that it is a panic attack and I refuse the medications they try to give (I hate anything that they give through scares me how instantaneous it is that way). I know...I much scares me. Things that scare me usually have to do with how in tune I am to what I am feeling. Any different, even subtle change in my body makes me think something is really wrong with me and I'm on the brink of death. I know I'm making this sound worse than it is now but before Zoloft, this was even hard to explain. Now, I feel like I can talk through it. I would really like to find a psychologist to begin some cognitive behavioral therapy but I don't live somewhere they are readily available. I feel like CBT would help now that I'm starting to get the benefits of the Zoloft. I just know that it will all work out no matter what. I just have to be patient and keep rambling to you guys on this forum. It just makes me feel better...and not so alone.
  4. Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

    Thanks Rahul, didn't think about adding fiber, but you are right, it probably will help. Update: After doing fairly well on 75 mg of Zoloft, I decided to finally make the jump up to 100 mg last night. I probably would have stayed on 75 mg longer but I am still having some break through panic attacks and anxiety. I think I'm just not at my therapeutic dose and so I need to move forward instead of still feeling bad. My anxiety seems to peak more when I travel and I really hate that. For me, its the opposite of claustrophobia. I HATE being out in the middle of nowhwere...especially when I am alone. I traveled out of town for business and the drive to where I went is desolate...almost nothing and only passing small towns. I constantly thought about me "having a panic attack and these towns are probably too small to have a hospital to go to." Its so sad that I'm still looking for the closest clinic or hospital when I travel. I really want to feel better and I kinow that I need to wait out the benefits after increasing my dose. It hasn't been too bad so far...maybe it might stay this way. I know its a long shot but I'll cross my fingers and try not to think about it too much. Only side effects that I've noticed are somewhat increased anxiety and sweating.
  5. Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

    Hi Donna, LPR is a form of reflux called laryngopharyngeal reflux. They call it the "silent" reflux because sometimes it does not portray itself as normal reflux (indigestion, heartburn, etc). In LPR, both the upper and lower esophageal sphincters do not function well allowing acid to backup into the throat and voice box. For me, it doesn't necessarily feel like acid...more like the fumes from the acid. Its extremely uncomfortable and brings my anxiety up. Its so confusing as to whether my anxiety causes my reflux or reflux causes anxiety. I just wish both would go away. I'm on medication for both so ...crossing my fingers!
  6. Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

    So here I am again with an update. I'm not sure on what I need to do at the moment. I've been at 75 mg for almost 8 weeks now. My doc wants me to get up to 100 mg when I am comfortable and I will but I am in a bad spot right now. I'm supposed to travel for work next week and I don't want to get the startup side effects while away from home. I really do want to move up to 100 mg because I don't feel like its doing its full job yet. I've had to take Xanax a few times. I'm not sure if its breakthrough anxiety or because I'm still having reflux issues. Reflux really makes my anxiety worse. My doc had prescribed me Nexium but only 20 mg and this past week she said to go up to 40 mg once I finished my 20 mg. I told her that i never took 20 mg (always 40 mg) and didn't think it was working well. So, was taking 20 mg Nexium once in the morning and one at night until I finished them. Yesterday, I started taking the full 40 mg in one dose. I really hope that it starts helping soon. My reflux is so bad now that its causing weird symptoms along with anxiety. I think I actually have LPR (not diagnosed yet) but I have a strong feeling. My symptoms are lump in throat, throat clearing, post nasal drip, intermittent sinus pain, burning pain in eyes, nose and sinuses (feels like fumes from acid). Well anyways, this may not be pertinent information but this reflux is really contributing to my anxiety. I've been doing okay most days and most of the time but still having to take Xanax during stressful situations or when my reflux is super bad. My racing bad thoughts have almost disappeared...its just this darn reflux making me think that something is really wrong with me. I'm hoping this new dose of Nexium is enough and I won't have to take another strong dose at night (which is recommended for LPR). I'm really hoping to up my dose of Zoloft soon to 100 mg. Please pray for me. I'm hoping to up it after my business trip. Ughh...such a rollercoaster!
  7. Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

    No way, not harsh at all. I actually think my pain was related to my monthly womanly problems so that probably answers that question. So I guess I will just try my hardest to stay off and see how much more better I get in the next following days.
  8. Lexapro Day 6

    When I was put on Lexapro twice, I went from 5 mg to 10 mg without too many problems. The main side effect is the heightened anxiety. I'm so glad that you are past your usual day mark on Lexapro. This is a wonderful drug for most. It pretty much made my anxiety and panic attacks non existent while I was on it but I did gain weight while on it. I got pregnant after being on it for 2 years so I had to get off. Then got back on it again after I delivered. 10 mg had been the therapeutic dose for me and I got back up to that dose again. Well, it worked again for the most part but then drastic things happened in my life and so I was having break through anxiety and panic attacks. I didn't want to risk gaining more weight on a higher dose so I weaned off and was off of it for a couple of months. By the way, getting off of Lexapro was not too hard on me either. Now, I am on Zoloft to see if my weight stays off (lost weight while off of Lexapro) because my anxiety is too hard to deal with. I do seriously encourage you to take your Ativan to take the edge off though. Why suffer through it if you don't have to? I also wanted to encourage you to stick with Lexapro. It works so much faster and better than the others. I was feeling pretty good at about the the 2nd week on it. Good luck with your journey.
  9. Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

    Thanks for replying guys. I think what is affecting me still IS k withdrawal. Yes, I am still on Xanax as needed. What is weird is that I had to take a small dose of Xanax yesterday because I was freaking out for some reason. I don't know what it was...maybe the annular eclipse yesterday had some weird effect on me. So, I took a dose and calmed down. Well, I had to take a dose a few days ago also...can't remember what was going on. So I noticed that the morning after taking a dose of Xanax, I feel horrible. The best I can describe it is like an ache all over and feeling like my hands are swollen and feel somewhat tingly. Withdrawals still? Seriously, after almost 3 weeks of being off of K? Is it because I'm reintroducing a benzo to my body? Has anyone that came off of a benzo had this happen to them? Does it just happen because I'm still in withdrawal or will it happen from now on all the time that I need a Xanax. I'm not expecting that I need Xanax anymore...crossing fingers...but if I do, I'm going to think long and hard on whether I should take a dose or not. So, I'm still taking Nexium and its helping a little but the heightened anxiety is gone. It only happened on the first few days. So yeah....
  10. Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

    Giving my update on Zoloft. Z has been doing its job lately. I haven't had to take my emergency Xanax for panic attacks even when I experience my nasty reflux episodes (which is very often now). I finally did call my doc and ask for a Nexium prescription. It was getting unbearable and Zantac would only work for a short time, if even at all sometimes. I started taking it 2 days ago. It actually seemed to work instantly on my reflux but about 3-4 hours later, I experienced an anxiety attack. Weird. Thought it was coincidence but then it happened again yesterday at about the same time. I haven't taken my dose yet today but I do want to continue it but I'll wait until I'm closer to getting out of work. Of course, the side effects do not list anxiety as one of them but I did search it of course and looks to be linked to heightening the anxiety. I also read that Nexium should only be considered if really needed while on citalopram because it could cause it to be higher (citalopram) in your blood stream. I wonder if that is what it does with Zoloft too? I also never came across anything that said that the anxiety would just go away or subside after a few days on Nexium. I'm really hoping it does because it works miracles on my reflux. I just cannot stand the anxiety that I've had the last couple of days. Its only for part of the not too bad. If it does end up getting bad, I just take my Xanax and relax. Oh, by the way I kicked off the K about a week ago. Didn't seem to affect me too much so I'm happy about that. I won't say that I'll NEVER take it again, but I will think about it more next time I am offered a prescription for it. Although, I can say that I did sleep a little deeper while on it and did not have as much reflux issues. Anyways, just wanted to keep sharing my journey through this and hoping that it helps someone else out there or even myself in the future. But I do have a question though? I know its a long shot but has anyone taken any of the acid blockers such as Nexium or Prevacid and have heightened anxiety. And if so, did it end up going away after some time?
  11. Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

    Lol...yes, I have read on the effects of Nexium. I figure that I only need them for a short time period anyway but who knows. The only 2 times that I took Nexium, I only had to take for a few months. I had tried Prilosec but that didn't work at all. I tried Protonix years ago and that didn't seem to help either. I was contemplating on whether I should try Prevacid since it is now also OTC but couldn't find it when I was looking for it. I think its been pulled off the market because of bone-breaking claims from osteoporosis? I guess I didn't think about my reflux being related to withdrawal but it does make sense. Ughh...yeah. Story of my life! So, I finally decided to jump from Klonopin and haven't had any in 2 days and I am really feeling it today. So amazing how even such a small amount can affect you. I fell asleep last night with my hands and feet aching and woke up feeling a little worse and now with only what I can describe as a "chemical" or "medicine" headache. It doesn't really feel like a normal headache...hard to explain. I'm determined not to go back on K though. I will deal with this if it is withdrawal. I'm so glad its Friday today but its early still and I'm still in pain after taking pain relievers. I just want to go home and curl up under my covers with an ice pack on my head. I can say that at least I'm glad that the anxiety is not bad. Usually, this type of pain would be causing me to think the worst and start panicking. Thank you Zoloft....
  12. Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

    Update on my Zoloft (sertraline) journey. I'm so glad that I stuck it out this long. I'm coming up to my 7th week on Zoloft and I do already feel better. I have only been able to get myself up to 75 mg and my doc wants to move me to 100 mg when I feel comfortable. I will some time..just not right now. I've still slowly been tapering myself off of the Klonopin and its finally working out to where I don't feel much withdrawal happening. I have other problems going on though and it could or could not be from the meds I'm on (zoloft and K). I have had awful acid reflux to the point that it is affecting my sinuses and eyes. I'm pretty sure its not my sinuses or allergies giving me trouble because the pain and discomfort is different. I feel like fumes from the acid are burning my throat, nose, sinuses, and eyes. I take Zantac to counteract that and it works for the most part but I am so wanting to call my doc to prescribe Nexium. I know Nexium works for me but I'm still thinking about it because it is so expensive even with insurance. I'll probably just keep taking my Zantac on a regular dosing schedule (every 12 hours) for now though. Maybe that'll keep most of it under control. I'm hoping that this isn't a continual problem because I do know that my reflux stems from my anxiety. I think I still have some residual anxiety there and that is why this is happening (especially mornings). Also hoping that its not the Zoloft directly causing it. Overall though, I just wanted to let everyone know that I have done better. Panic attacks have diminished greatly, depression is gone, but mild-to-moderate anxiety is still present. I'm still also cutting the Klonopin (0.5 mg) into 6 parts and now taking every other day at night. Going to stop this weekend. Please pray for me. I really hated the achiness and all the other withdrawal symptoms that I got when I started cutting it down. was a long road but I'm still not there yet. Hang in there with me people. Zoloft does just takes time.
  13. Sertraline And Hydroxyzine

    Oh definitely, I think its fine. I'm not sure if it has any withdrawal side effects but it worked for me for a few days. Although, I still felt tired in the morning so I just stopped after a few days. It was actually prescribed to me for my anxiety when I was first diagnosed so I would assume longterm is fine. Its probably just like Benadryl so pretty safe to take longterm.
  14. Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

    Gosh, this sucks so bad. I"m trying to taper myself off of the Klonopin and feeling horrible today. I'm down to cutting 1/4 of 0.5 tablet to half of that and took it last night. This morning, I woke up I had the flu. This is awful having to come to work like this. I wish I could just go home and sleep. I'm going to be taking this small dose for a few more nights and then stop totally this weekend. Do I expect WORSE after stopping completely or does it kind of stay the same as when you are tapering. I don't want to feel worse but I would rather quit this med now than later. Zoloft "seems" to be doing the trick. I still feel anxious but I think its because of the tapering of the Klonopin. The reason I say "seems" is because I can still feel it but it doesn't consume me as much. I hope that makes sense. Anyways, just blabbering. Not that anyone is really reading. Jess
  15. Sertraline And Hydroxyzine

    Hi Leila, I do know that it helps with sleep but I'm wondering why you think you need it long term. How long have you been on Zoloft? If you are still in the beginning stages of Zoloft, then the insomnia "should" go away soon. Just curious. Jess