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  1. I know the feeling. I was just recently kicked out of my brother's house, which he bought from my mother's estate for being a lazy, fat-arsed bum. If he only knew what going through this is like. With him, I was always walking on eggshells. Granted, he is under a lot of pressure at work and trying to pay a mortgage and bills. However, I never knew what kind of mood he would be in. If I tried to do anything, it was never to his satisfaction. I tried to tell him I have a case open with Vocational Rehabilitation for help, but he would not listen to any thing I said. Thankfully, my church has put me up in a hotel for a few days while I meet with a caseworker from MH/MR, while trying to find a group home.
  2. There are many different reasons. First, is it because of disease like hyper or hypothyroid, diabetes, lupus, etc. If not, is it because of the situation you are in. Third, is it because of some past hurt? Finally, is it hereditary?
  3. I would talk to a GP first to have a complete physical done to see if there is not some sort of organic disease (thyroid, lupus, MS, diabetes, etc.) If everything checks out, my next step would be a therapist. I'd save the psychiatrist as the last resort.
  4. did the dishes (3 different times) folded and put away the bath towels my brother left in the dryer did my laundry mowed the lawn (and swept up the clipping my brother won't Biotch) weeded the flowerbeds (as best I could) weeded around the fence (so the local municipality wouldn't get on my brother's arse, who would then jump on my arse and Biotch me out.) brought the trash cans back in the yard. cleaned the kitchen countertops to get rid of all the mouse droppings (so I wouldn't have to hear my brother Biotch about that) started scrubbing soap scum off the bathtub surround. went to the supermarkets to pick up my prescriptions and get printouts of all my prescriptions since last july for my social security hearing.
  5. I was on Prozac back in the mid 1990's. Made me extremely angry, vicious, and mean. You DON'T want to be that way around any Commissioned Army Officer, especially at the Pentagon (which, at the time, took a very dim view of civilian contractor employees being on anything.)
  6. I have been awake since 10:30 PM EDT Sunday Night. i went to bed at 7:00PM EDT sunday night.in tha time, i have taken my meds (Viibryd 2.5 mg) at 10:30 pm EDT. from that time my anxiety has been through the roof. When my brother got up at 4:00 AM EDT, I informed him how long i have been awake. i have since 3:30 AM EDT, washed the dishes (which he left from last night's supper), pulled various weeds in the garden, (not easy to do when dark), folded and put away the towels he left in the dryer, mowed the lawn and cleaned the sidewalks afterward, washed more dishes he left in the sink when he left for work, wiped down the kitchen countertops (including all of the mouse droppings on said cabinets), did my own laundry, notified him of the damage his dog did to his love seat in the living room, went online and applied for a few jobs (which i probably will not get). he will probably be all pi**y when he sees me asleep when get gets home from work. i'll probably catch all hell nor not mowing and sweepingthe clippings off the sidewalk to his satisfaction. Yet he's forcing me out? Yet I'm a lazy bum. He should be glad i got my arse out of bed and did this work. I just hope I get awarded Social Security Disability on Sept 14, so I can find a group home (i have Asperger's) to settle into and no longer have to worry about the rest of my family.
  7. My brother just burst in my room and told me i have 30 days to get out of his house. He has told me he is tired of seeing my fat lazy *** doing nothing. he has found fault with everything i do or attempt to do. for example, if i mow the lawn, i get accused of not cleaning up the walk properly. i sweep the walk,but it is not to his satisfaction. i have only been sweeping to clear the large clumps of grass off the sidewalks. i may not be great on the followup, on a lot of things, but at least i've tried to do something. its bad enough suffering from depression. he accused me of not even attempting to find work. i tried to explain to him i have an application in with vocational rehab, but he will not listen. i have been looking through the job sites, but nothing has been piquing my interest. granted, i have been doing a lot of sleeping. i try to do at least something, like the dishes, or the wash. he will not listen to whatever i try to tell him. as for support from other family members, forget it! problem is, there has never been any kind of lease arrangement. i'm screwed no matter how i look at it.
  8. raining and warm. thunderstorms are expected.
  9. neither of these are medical doctors, which is what a psychiatrist basically studies, in addition to psychology. What you have found are therapists, who have studied psychology, in addition to social work.
  10. sleepy. i've vbeen up since 3:30 am edt
  11. did the dishes washed my clothing attempted to scrub the surround in the bathtub
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