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  1. Hey everyone, Im here for a really good friend of mine and Im kinda worried about her. A few days ago she told me her boyfriend (he broke up with her about 3/4 weeks ago) was a self harmer. She told me that this has made her self harm too for quite some time, . She told me she stopped and and she promised me she would never do it (I didnt force her or anything, i know that doesnt work, I tried to support her as best as I could) I have reasons to believe shes speaking the truth so thats good. This really hurt me though and I started to think well. Last night we had a good and deep conversation and she told me shes trying to see everything positive because otherwise she sais she will hate herself. She really is a nice and truly good girl that really cares for others but Im really worried she forgets to think about herself, causing her to get more and more down. Also it was hard for her to talk about herself because she doesnt want to hurt others, again, causing herself to get more and more down inside. Im just worried that she doesnt listen to herself and her care for others will eventually break herself down. What can I do to get her back on track not hating herself anymore, and are there even things I can do? Im sorry if it looks chaotic, Im just kinda having trouble getting the facts straight. In advance, thanks a lot for all of your help.
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