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  1. agreed. you are intelligent, talented, and kind. I really hope you get better and wish you the absolute best in the future.
  2. saddened (by others' posts) loving sympathetic annoyed (can't sleep) anxious bored
  3. I know the feeling. As impossible as it seems, things will get better and you'll feel the love again.
  4. I had a dream that I walked into a restaurant and all my friends from college were there. The girls I came with left me. I was walking to the door and realized that I forgot my license and wasn't dressed to see people. Then I had to walk in alone and I went straight for the bathroom and changed into a dress. I went outside and awkwardly sat down with peers, then realized my dress was see-through. If anyone noticed they didn't let on that they noticed. Then, I was outside and walking towards another bathroom, just to hide from everyone. But, I couldn't walk. I was two weak. I passed a good friend with a group of guys and instead of going with them I went to the bathroom. I was going the complete opposite way as everyone else. A good thing is one of the guys said, I have to go to the bathroom too and two of the group came with me to the bathroom. But, they ran ahead of me and I still couldn't walk well. I had to climb a ton of stairs, then realized the bathrooms were gross. When I came out I shouted over the balcony to the long line of people that the bathrooms were gross.
  5. I was just looking at dream interpretation online. It seemed that interpretations and predictions explaining certain parts of my dream were dead on. It reminds me of a horoscope, though. I have always read those and usually they are right, sometimes they are wrong. I wonder if there is something behind horoscopes. How do they come up with them? Do they try to make all fortunes relatable. Does this make sense? anyway, I went to the dreams dictionary and found some things that were dead on. Actually, most of them had already happened or I already knew the could happen. My dreams surprise me most of the time.
  6. might be helpful to browse around on this website. http://www.the-alcoholism-guide.org/signs-of-alcoholism.html
  7. http://www.helpguide.org/mental/alcohol_abuse_alcoholism_signs_effects_treatment.htm
  8. Here's for future advice if you want it. http://www.livestrong.com/article/171181-how-to-stay-out-of-an-abusive-relationship/
  9. I'm sorry to hear that. If you can't get her to stop talking to you and contacting you then either change your e-mails or block her number. Blocking her number so she can't text or call you even when you want her to is what I would do. But it's up to you. If you can read, I would recomend going to amazon and looking up any type of self help book. You probably know what issue in yourlife you need most help with. I'd get a used copy of one or something, though. I'm sorry to hear about the drinking again. Here are some tips I looked up really quickly from a website I like. Hope it helps! If not, like I said, get a book! http://www.livestron...e-relationship/ http://www.livestron...e-relationship/ psychological effects of emotional abuse http://www.livestron...e-relationship/ how to heal, I like this one, for you I suggest all of these things, and I strongly suggest therapy. you can't do this alone, especially with alcohol. http://www.livestron...e-relationship/ CONTACT WILL ONLY MAKE THINGS MORE DIFFICULT. FOCUS ON HELPING YOURSELF. leaving an abusive relationship might be a positive step, but it’s also a difficult one. While walking out requires strength and determination, letting go of the past and working on building a new future will take a lot of work. Step 1 Seek help. If you have children, a lawyer can help you sort out child support issues without your involvement. This is a good option if things are tense or if you still have feelings for your ex. A counselor, a women’s shelter or even somebody from your local church can provide emotional support when family and friends are not available. Step 2 Focus on getting better. Women’s Web points out that transitioning into a self-sufficient role might be difficult after being abused and made to feel like you’re not good enough. Therapy might be necessary for you to regain independence and learn how to function again. Step 3 Allow yourself time to grieve, experience anger and euphoria. These are all normal stages of moving on from any relationship, and they are particularly strong when you’re coming out of an abusive partnership. Feelings sometimes change from one extreme to another in a question of minutes. Learn to recognize them and deal with them productively by putting your energy into change and growth, rather than revenge. Step 4 Maintain your distance. According to clinical psychologist Tara J. Palmatier, you need to maintain a “no contact policy” and resist the temptation of “trying to be friends.” While you’re still mourning the end of the relationship and trying to move on, contact will only make things more difficult. Focus on helping yourself. Read more: http://www.livestron.../#ixzz2G308MDx2 my ex, two years later is still contacting me every once in a while. Do I answer him? yes.. but only because I don't have a lifeand am bored. I am two years away from this thing and am 90 percent sure he won't have an effect on me at this point. So, two years later I can talk to him neutrally. Do I trust him? Hell no.
  10. I will read this and get back yto you. I'm sorry this happened. are you feeling better? I only read the first paragraph. It would make me anxious if I were you but I do have an anxiety disorder. I'll try to be of some help. I will tell you one thing, I am (two years later) actually able to talk to my bf as a friend... and i'm so much stronger. Believe me, I went through hell for the last two years, bc of my breakup. But, I'm better now. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, I guess is what I wanted to say. I went nuts on him... I told him I hated him too... the thing is... people who have been abused... have all kind of symptoms after the relationship. One of them is focusing on your abuser and wanting to do all you can to get back at them. If I could do it all again, I don't know if I would have had the strength, but I would have looked at the healthy ways of healing from an abusive relationship. I would have at least read them. You may have some type of post traumatic stress problem. All you are going through right now has been dealt with before by others.. you may as well read about it. I'll be back with more later. Don't waste your time on this girl anymore. I hope you are not drinking, now. I'll be back!
  11. hm.. this is very interesting. I would take this to a doctor. I don't know much about it at all, and it sounds like something diagnosable that an experienced proffessional would have to interpret. That being said, maybe you had a defense mechanisms up and something triggered a flashback about a memory you forgot or had changed in your mind.. or maybe it's something else other than depression.
  12. having self esteem and my old identity (before my old therapist obliterated it).
  13. hm.. maybe you should try over the counter sleep aid first. It might not be as strong as a prescription, and it might knock you out all the same. There are kinds that aren't addictive that you can take every night. I take sleep aid when I'm having trouble sleeping and I can't keep my eyes open after about thirty minutes.
  14. still miss him the thing is, I know i'll come back to this forum in 2014 and say the same thing. Whether or not I've talked to him in two years or not. I don't know what my problem is.
  15. nervous unappreciated worthless unattractive pathetic
  16. depressed, insecure, ugly, old, failing
  17. my brothers and sister living in the same house. I could really go on forever on this thread! Great idea.
  18. normal open disappointed uneasy failure
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