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  1. had a pretty decent day got a chore done that was badly needed had a nice walk
  2. I cleaned the bathroom, and picked up some things around the house. I walked an extra lap. I also am beginning to eat some healthier foods, some of which is supposed to help with depression.
  3. zidane, I am sorry you are having these feelings. I am also sorry that you had to grow up with abuse and other conditions that hindered your life. I can relate to some of what you went through. I am not sure if you have depression, but I would encourage you to talk with a professional if at all possible. Keep posting here also.
  4. I said "no" to something that I didn't feel like going to and didn't beat myself up for not going. I did my daily walk even though I thought I had talked myself out of it. I'm proud of myself for going to the grocery store instead of putting it off, and doing it with relatively little anxiety.
  5. slept well and had less anxiety this morning made it out for my walk managed to do some grocery shopping and even got some good buys
  6. Yesterday was a full day; full being I had some things to do to fill my day that were helpful to me in treating my depression. It wasn't a perfect day, but it wasn't a horrible day. It seemed easier much of the time to cope with things. Today, not so much. I am going to do a couple of things later today that are helpful and gets me out of the house and away from isolation, but so far the day has been a struggle. I even decided to forgo one thing because I just didn't want to do it. As much as I think I need to be proactive and do things to help myself, I also have to be able to be kind to myself, not doing too much, or beating myself up if I can't do everything perfectly.
  7. I got them from my GP and he did not tell me to take them at any certain time, and the bottle just says twice per day.
  8. I have felt worse after going to counseling. It depends on whether I feel worse because I had to face things, or because the counselor made me feel worse. I don't know whether it is necessary to see a gay counselor versus a straight counselor. I'm sorry you have these feelings about yourself. You are just as deserving of love and acceptance as the next person. I do understand small town life, however.
  9. I can relate to this. When I bring up things I am struggling with, it usually ends with me feeling worse than before. That is what I am afraid of now as I prepare to start counseling in the coming weeks. I'm not so much afraid of the feelings (maybe just a little), but more afraid of how those feelings will be handled by the counselor.
  10. I haven't finished reading the book yet, but I have a question. Has anyone discussed with a doctor using fish oil supplements, 5htp, or st john's wort? Most of the time when I have mentioned using any of these, I am told to stay away from supplements because they have not been tested by the FDA.
  11. My dogs, a warm bed on cold nights, peace and comfort when it comes.
  12. I opened up about some issues that I struggle with that hinder me. I opened up in front of strangers even though it was not easy for me to do. I went for my daily walk. I took a shower.
  13. - I got something off my chest that was bothering me - I went to a support group - I went for a walk and the weather was nice and warm
  14. I feel a bit anxious, but somewhat hopeful.
  15. pixler, I have a difficult time in the mornings (and afternoon). Sorry you are going through this. Hope you can find something that works for you.
  16. I am thankful for the times I do have courage to ask for help. Also for my two dogs that comfort me.
  17. I am proud of myself for getting to the courthouse to report to jury duty. I managed my anxiety pretty well, and I was prepared to stay there for an entire day if I had to. I'm proud of myself for having courage to speak with the judge and explain my depression. I was excused and will be rescheduled at another time. I'm also proud for having done the dishes, doing a load of laundry, taking a walk, and doing a little bit of cooking. Also for not beating myself up too bad.
  18. cooked some chicken tenderloins and made a nice sandwich for dinner took a walk to relieve some of the anxiety I was feeling boiled some eggs so that I could have them for breakfast tomorrow
  19. as much as I wanted to fulfill my civil duties, I was glad that I was excused from jury duty because of my depression. When not depressed, I would have enjoyed it thoroughly. I was able to "cook" some food tonight instead of just microwaving. Nothing elaborate, but still.... I was able to get up and get to the courthouse on time, despite waking up five or six times and looking at the clock
  20. Hi jstarfire, Welcome. Sounds like you are doing a lot to help with your depression. Glad you joined us.
  21. taysmom1016, Thanks for the welcome. Hope you are doing well.
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