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  1. my side effects went away after about 2 weeks. I could only eat in the evenings until after 2 weeks. I do 50 mg in the morning and it seems to be helping me.
  2. Made an appt with the accountant, picked up a prescription, washed a load of laundry, and went for a walk.
  3. Tired, but emotionally I feel much better.
  4. I am thankful that my new meds seem to be working, and the side effects have lessened greatly!
  5. I got up early again and was able to enjoy breakfast. I had been sleeping until almost noon because of my depression and/or side effects. I was able to clean my floors, pick up around the house, and do some laundry....and all before the time I had been getting out of bed. I took a walk and walked an extra lap. Wrote in my journal.
  6. I got up earlier than previous mornings, then had breakfast. I had not been eating well in the morning because of my new meds. I went for a walk. I am going to eat lunch out for a change.
  7. This is my second week on Zoloft. I began taking them in the morning only since I could not sleep at night. My biggest problem right now is that I can't get out of bed in the morning. I'm hoping that the Zoloft will make me feel better and that I will want to get out of bed every day. I'm still having some side effects, but they are mild. I don't have a good appetite in the morning and afternoon, but I do at night.
  8. Gamexland, I have already been doing 25mg x 2 per day for one week, so probably will not go down in dose, but I may take your suggestion to take them at night. Thanks.
  9. I am doing much better this afternoon than I have in a week. I went out of the house, did some errands, and took a walk. Maybe that's a good sign. My appetite is poor until evening and then it kicks in.
  10. Repeat complaint: those who play booming bass music at max volume, with no respect for others.
  11. After a week of side effects from meds, I finally was able to take a walk. I also made it to the pharmacy, grocery store, and bank. I received a birthday card and a birthday wish on FB. I had a nice conversation with a man in the park, and the pharmacy tech asked how I was doing and was very empathetic.
  12. I talked to my sister and niece by phone Someone cooked a meal for me I was able to make it through another day of side effects from new med I have enough groceries that I don't have to go to the store for a while
  13. - got a load of laundry done and put away -- I made it through another day of side effects from med --- I have leftovers for dinner
  14. Still feeling a bit off from my new med. I don't have a good appetite and I'm a bit nauseous. I recovered from my side effects pretty well the past few days, but no so much today.
  15. One week on Zoloft and I feel worse than before taking them, both physically and emotionally. I went through that with another AD, so I'm hanging in there to give them time to work.
  16. xKawaii: I've been on Zoloft for one week. I've had nausea, a bit of diarrhea, lots of sweating, feeling cold but warm at the same time, and some dizziness, especially the first day or two. I also have shivers and teeth chattering. Would like to hear back how things are going for you now.
  17. Tonight's dose will be one week on Zoloft. I don't feel anything in the way of feelings less depressed. Today, I felt the side effects worse than previously. Many have said they are normal and will go away, and I know I have to wait until the meds can start to work.
  18. taysmom, It helps to know that what I feel is normal. Some of the side effects have seemed to come and go, but seem to be getting better. Rosegirl, I am supposed to start therapy, but don't know what type it will be. I have done some research into CBT, and have tried to do some of the techniques.
  19. I got a load of clothes washed, dried, and put away, despite not feeling well.
  20. Sorry you are going through this, but glad you are reaching out.
  21. I got up and washed the dishes and had breakfast before lying back down from the dizziness from my new med.
  22. Ocean, Thanks for the encouragement.
  23. I feel as if I have slid backwards as well these last few days, and I am on a new medication with not so pleasant side effects, which doesn't help. Beth42, I love to hear about your hobbies.
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