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    I love spending time with my boyfriend, reading is definitely one of my favorite past times, i love watching the history channel and romance movies. I love my dogs.

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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  3. Happy Birthday :)

  4. i am the messiest person ever its pretty disgusting! but cleaning is way too depressing for me! its so boring... and i'm no good either
  5. syyoon1004, for me, being diagnosed with depression actually helped with my (ongoing) recovery. I definitely see where you're coming from, and understand you. I liked the fact that then i knew where i was with my situation, so i could go on with other steps to overcome this. When i wasnt diagnosed i didn't know what was wrong with me so i was really confused on how i should approach this. that was just my personal expeirence, feel glad that you now know where you are! Its the first step, right?
  6. i love hugging my boyfriend, having tickling and wrestleing fights. i like the feeling i get when i come home from a really long stressful day at school and just plomp on my bed and nap i love hot chocolate... my dogs aren't very cuddly with me, neither is my bunny. i love smoothies!
  7. I think getting a series dvd of a show you always wanted to watch but didn't have the time is a good idea. Movies that you've wanted to watch that you've never gotten around to. cartoons are nice, and books... i don't think i was much help lol
  8. I get out pretty often, but usually it takes a lot for me to get up and get ready, i'm always so tired! I have to go to school, so that counts. But if i go out i just like to go watch movies or tv at my boyfriends house. Things like that, i don't like venturing off too far away, and i like staying home too
  9. I think I am the same in real life as i am on here, just that if i'm talking to somebody in person i listen very carefully, because i always feel like i'm gonna be stabbed in the back or something its hard for me to trust people sometimes, and i think that i'd be more reserved about what i'd say because i always feel like everyones judging me because of how young i am.
  10. thank you all for all of your replys! It seems like right now everyone in my life seems to be a little down, and i hope i've helped them you all are great friends
  11. Is there any special things you do for your friends/significant others when they're feeling down? I want some ideas :)
  12. I think i can really relate to Fry from futurama lol we both mean well, and are a little off... i also identify with Meg from Family Guy. total reject lol
  13. I'm obsessed with French Onion Soup! I love curry, thai food, pho, soups. i love all foods though especially veggies
  14. I used to garden with my dad when i was about 9-11 and i really enjoyed it. I live in a really good place to have a garden because its sunny year around :) I just have been too lazy lately, I want to get back into it, I love houses with 'curb appeal' lol
  15. So, my boyfriend is leaving for australia for a week, on friday... and i usually spend most of my time with him but i'm gonna be alone. i don't think my friends are too good of influences on me, so i was wondering what you all do when you're alone to keep busy? i've been making a list of books for me to read, but i just wanted to know what others use to keep themselves busy =]
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