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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  3. Thank you so much!!

  4. Happy Birthday :)


  6. Muggle


    hehehe fighting an icky cold :p
  7. Muggle


    I think I gots me a sinus infection type cold. bleah!! you'z guy'z are the bestest!
  8. Muggle


    omg my head hurts!! i am so danged sick of headaches!! nothin i can do about it either. why am i still up? prolly cause i'm angry and know i won't get to sleep anytime soon. i hate being in pain. i hate my life right now. i just want to run away. somewhere nice and sunny and a bit warm. yeah! i wish i could fix my life in like 3 easy steps...but nothing is ever easy. nothing!
  9. Muggle


  10. *hands ya a stick to smash stuff with* give a couple good wops fer me :)
  11. Muggle


    Maybe I'll stick on that HOO once I get over this cold hehehe
  12. Muggle


    community college type...but the cool thing is they have these umm...things...worked out with university so i can actually get a 4 year degree and not have to leave town so...now if they let me in, for resident tuition, and if i can get financial aid...and not get lazy... woo!
  13. Muggle


    applied to school today... weeee! think i am gettin sick bleah sucko nothin else going on...
  14. Muggle


    hehehe still around....had constant migraine recently...been avoiding thinking :p
  15. Muggle


    this year... i am not really going to make resolutions...just promises to myself. going to focus on things that are important to me. art, music, writing, school, health...no matter what i get done in anything...not going to forget these things like i have been the last few years. even if it's just reading up on something... going to stop forgetting myself. going to try at least :D
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