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  1. Thanks I'm so afraid to use my xanax
  2. There's normal palpitations then there's bad arrhythmia. If they hooked you up and said it's fine then you can ignore them.
  3. Dump him, theres a fine line between kidding and straight disrespect.
  4. Looking for someone local to talk about things with. Feel free to PM me.
  5. Yes I have a few and a couple I feel comfortable with, I guess I just have sitauational depression and don't feel like doing anything though.
  6. That's nothing. I take 40mg of celexa, very similar. Don't worry, right now you are judging. You need to stop and understand and support her before you alienate her.
  7. If anyone is from Orange County or Los Angeles, please reply!
  8. Thank you everyone. I'm actually on Celexa and I feel pretty good at home which was not the case before I started it. @e1234 I will try that, thanks for the idea. Scientifically, it sounds valid too, something pleasureable increases the physical dopamine. The only time where I am ok was with my ex since I felt so safe and usually could go anywhere, but for short time periods. @ thanks vega57 Just having people reply to me feels good, thank you again everyone. Keep it coming ;)
  9. Yes I'm already on medication and probably as good as I'll ever get. I can probably pretend I don't have it for a few days but it will come out so I'd rather be up front.
  10. I'm really looking for help here and hope the community can make me feel better and figure out how to find love while having panic disorder. I am a 25 year old guy from Los Angeles/Southern California. I was perfectly happy and normal until 3 years I developed panic disorder. I was very bad at first, could not leave the house or even my bedroom. Now 3 years later, I feel better but still can barely leave the house. The only way I left the house was with my ex of 4 years (which cheated on me 8 months ago and took off). Now I am going through some bad depression of how I will ever meet another girl or find love again. I am hopeless. Other than having a problem leaving the house, I'm good looking and run a successful business from home. I'm funny, kind and devoted. What should I do? It's been 8 months and I've tried every online dating site, when I mention I have panic disorder, they disappear. I feel doomed to be alone for the rest of my life.
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