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    Hi Kite,
    The fact is you have depression, are in debt and you do not believe there is a way out because you have tried everything.
    You seem a pretty intelligent person and have tried your best to beat your depression. But to be honest you must start again.
    Death is not the answer for a young person like you ; Can you move to another EU country and try and find employment there?
    You will have to pay off your debts at some stage so you need to be looking at what you can actually do !!
    You really do have to get the most effective AD medication for you. This is trial and error and one combination may be fully effective you. That is what I have found. Do not give up trying to beat your depression, get out of debt and get a good life.
    At any moment things can suddenly change, however you must be ready doing the best you can to heal your depression , look for any opportunity to move forward, try moving to another place (if that is possible) and see what another place can offer you.
    Never believe that nothing is going to help or get better as life will often open doors and create opportunities and you must keep yourself ready for them.
    Best Wishes
    Jim Bow
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