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  1. I used to have a particular problem with self-hate. I tried all sorts of things but over time I've found it easier to turn it outside than try to get rid of it. It's taken some practice but now I hate everyone else instead and that feels better. I'm not nasty about it and other people don't know but it ie a lot easier and because it's spread out over so many people and things it feels like I'm dealing with a lot less hatred and loathing. There's a great record by Monkeys are machine guns called I'm not racist I just hate a lot. That is sort of me, except I'm also not sexist, homophobic,or any other ist as well. Seriously, think about it. It's a good step to make. Just think there's an awful lot to dislike other people for. You will feel better about yourself. I definitely do
  2. I've discussed this before with my GP but they will only change the dose they won't give me anything else. They claim that the different medications all have the same effect so there's no pint in changing. To be fair I have used duifferent things in the past and they have all had the same sort of effects and certainly with no less intensity
  3. I've been a miserable git most of my life so unfortunately I know it's not the male menopause in my case. Just as well because I can't afford a porsche
  4. Seems like I've been on it forever but this time around it's about 6 months so far. It's marginally better than when I started but really the nausea is still pretty bad. In a way it's a good thing because it's reminding me that I'm taking something pretty toxic so I should only take it as long as it helps me
  5. Personally I don't believe God answers any prayers. The fact that he seems to answer some is merely coincedence. That's not to say that there isn't a point to prayer. I think it's more of a contemplative, meditation.
  6. Sorry but I'm struggling to see how what you're doing wrong - if I'm right in assuming what you're doing - it doesn't sound either sinful or a big deal. You only have to seen the number of pastors and other clergy who are using their position to abuse children or just basically do things that they're are condemning other people for doing to realise that they are hypocrites to censure anyone. I know that I'm biased because I'm a quaker and we don't have clergy, but if you believe in God then maybe you should consider taking notice of God rather than pastors who claim to know what he thinks. Just cut out the middle man or find yourself a more tolerant, understanding church. Let's face it there's plenty of churches and denominations out there - you'll be spoilt for choice
  7. My experience is exactly the same apart from the fact that I'm a man so perimenopause is not the cause in my case. I find that citalopram helps to damp down the anxiety feelings although it makes me feel sick most of the time. Nausea is better than anxietry though so I just have to live with it
  8. The best way to get over someone is to start seeing someone else. Easier said than done I know
  9. I was once given some brilliant advice about girls - might be worth a try. 1. Smell nice. Girls always like a boy who smells nice and even the worst smelling cologne smells better than sweat. 2. If you like a girl ask her out, ask her for a dance, or whatever. because hey, you never know she might say yes. If she doesn't well at least you tried and you will always feel better about trying and failing than never trying - trust me on this one I know from bitter experience that it's true. Also if she's less than gracious in turning you down, and probably she won't be, but if she is you're better off without her and you won't feel bad about not going out with her. 3. The prettiest girls get asked out less often than less pretty girls so don't think she's out of your league because you never know she might say yes and if not she'll probably pleased that you asked 4. If she's nasty to you when you asked then she's a cow and you're better off without her and better off knowing what she's really like
  10. No matter how uncomfortable you feel around boys I'm willing to bet any money you like that most boys are even more uncomfortable around girls. I know it's easier said than done but don't worry about it. We're all in this together.
  11. Great. An excuse to eat ginger biscuits. At least there's an u[pside to this then. I'll give it a go
  12. I take 5mg of citalopram daily and I have pretty bad nausea. Just feel manky all day long. I can't take more than 5mg and I take it at nigt to minimise the effect but even so it's pretty bad. It helps with my anxiety so in balance it's better than taking nothing but even so it's rough. Any suggestions to help with this? i have tried other SSAMs and they're all either much the same or worse. Red Bull first thing in the morning seem to help a bit
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