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  1. My doc wants to start me on Lithium to stabilize my depression. Anyone with any experience with Lithium. I am reluctant not sure why. Also on Celexa and Clonazapam Paul
  2. It's been two weeks now since I've hit this major depressive episode and I've not been able to get myself to work. The guilt that comes with not going to work is debilitating itself, but actually going is not an option. I prepare myself each night to get up and go the next morning, but when the morning comes I cannot face it and end up not going. Does anyone else go through this? I am on meds and being monitored by my doc. I seem to be at my lowest in the morning and today I even go up at 5:30 to prepare myself and get past my most depressive moments hoping that it would give me the courage to go. But once again I could not face the world. I have become a loner and feel like I'm sinking. Will this ever end? C
  3. Hi, Mornings are impossible for me. I have 2 small dogs that need to go out in the morning so that actually gets me out of bed, but then, once they are taken care of, I can sit in a spot and not move for hours. This is when I am at my worse and it prevents me from working. Just getting past an episode now and heading back to work tomorrow. Very worried about how I will feel in the morning or if I will actually be able to go through with getting to my job. The dogs definitely help, and I always feel better after a walk with them - makes me feel like I've accomplished something. Plus.......they are love and companionship and makes you believe in what matters. That in itself helps to put one foot in front of the other. Thanks for posting. Thought I was the only one who suffered in the morning.
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