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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  3. Has anyone else had really shaky hands while on prozac? i've only been on 10mg for 2 weeks but a few days ago I started to realize how shaky my hands were getting. I experienced this a great deal while on effexor but not much on any other medication i've been on.
  4. Hey everyone, sorry if there is a thread somewhere already about this but I couldn't find one and I'm in need of some answers. I've been on klonopin(actually clonozepam but same thing) for a little over a month. I took .25 mg in the morning and .5mg at night. This wis in addition to my 900mg of lithium and 100-200mg(depending on how much I wanted to use any given night) of trazodone for sleep. Now this is actually the second time I've been on klonopin, and the first time which was last summer, I had a horrible time gettnig off of it too. Now this time around, I actually didn't feel any benefits from it at all which was strange because it worked within a few days last time(granted I was taking .5 in the morning, .5 in the afternon, and then 1mg at night so maybe it just wasn't enough). Anyways, that's beside that point and sorry for rambling on, but now my doc has told me to just take .25mg at night every 3 days, and even though I'm not completely off it I can feel the withdrawal effects already. My concentration is horrible, I'm extremely sluggish mentally and physically, I'm really anxious and tense, my sleep is even worse than before, i feel really irritated and cloudy. I find it kind of weird that I was experiencing this actually because it wasn't doing anything, therefore I thought I would be fine getting off. So I was just wondering if anyone else has had expericences like this with klonopin or other benzos, and could tell me generally how long these effects last for. Thanks, and sorry for such a long post lol.
  5. Thanks, I've been on Lithium since the middle of march so it's been awhile and I'm a little disappointed that I haven't gotten any relief yet after 2 months, considering that I've heard lithium is supposed to act a lot faster than antidepressants and other sorts of meds. I just started 1200mg about a week ago and am supposed to get my blood level checked this week to see if i'm at the the therapeutic blood range. I guess I'll just hafta wait and see. By the way, were you on it for depression or bipolar, if you don't mind me asking?
  6. Hey everyone, I'm on Lithium for depression because I've tried several other antidepressants that haven't worked at all, and I am now at what I believe is to be considered the therapeutic dose of 1200mg. I was just wondering when I can expect to start feeling it's effects, if anyone else here has tried it? Thanks ahead of time.
  7. So I've been on several different medications, about 10 now, and have been doing treatments for about 2 years now my doctor deliberated with another dotor and came up with the idea that I could be in the early stages of a thought disorder like schizophrenia instead of depression. This completely baffled me because I don't have any of those kinds of symptoms, and I fit the criteria perfectly for depression. Has this happened to anyone else, where they were told they may have schizohrenia or something like that instead. It really scred me, I feel like I'm officially crazy now or something.
  8. Thanks guys for the input, he made me so frustrated when he said that, it made me feel like my understanding of it was completely off base and he made me feel like there was no hope for me or something. I think I definitely want to see a different doctor, but how would I search for one? Is there liek a number you can call that will help you find a doctor near you? I've already seen like 4 different ones at the medical center i'm at, so I want to find one elsewhere but I don't know where else to find one.
  9. So I went t the doctor today to meet with my psych and ever since I've been seeing we haven't really been on the same page, but I do everything he tells me to and stuff. I've been on about 10 different medications, 2 of which were mood stabilizers so now he's like stumped on what to d next. Anyways, today when he was looking at the diagram of my symptoms that I made for him, which include: which include this depressed mood where hopeless sad, discouraged, despair, empty, and inable to feel emotion, fatigued/loss of energy easily, relentless anxiety, self-loathing, irritated constantly, trouble sleeping, concentration/memory issues. And he said all the things around the main mood part seem like classic depression symptoms but the emptiness part is something that can't be helped by depression and isn't what depression is. I was just like what? What else cold it be? I think the most common misconception about depression is that is not just feeling sad, it's more of the lack of emotion. So this just kind of shocked me, what are other people's take on this? isn't that what we're on antidepressants for?
  10. Thank you very much everybody. I will keep fighting, and I must say that this site and these people here are the best treatment I've gotten since I've been depressed, better than any drugs i've taken or doctors i've seen. Thanks a ton everyone!
  11. Thanks guys for your input. Yeah I've seen several different pdocs. They keep bouncing me around because they end up running out of ideas for me, which is disheartening when i've given up on myself already as well. It seems like the same thing over and over every visit I have with a doctor of mine, where he just kind of slightly changes my medications of whatever. It just seems like there hasn't been enough intervention here. Are there such a thing as like a depression clinic where they focus soley on treating depression and other debilitaing mental illnesses? I feel like I need some serious care like that. I have tried extremely hard to coninute to exercise, including lifing weights but I've had to stop that because I'm at a point where it's almost physicially impossible to. My goals have been basically to just hang in there and ride this out until things get better, and then to just kind pick things up where I left off. I wanna spend a lot more time with my friends again when this is all over with. I want to continue playing football and hockey at a certain level. I wanna continue playing poker again and see where that could take me. I want to enjoy going to school again, and ba able to put forth the effort i was able to before all of this that lead me to be an honor roll student. I want to pick up my guitar and keep making music with my buddies again. And overall, just to be able to enjoy life again, and life each moment as it comes. Those are the sorts of things I think about to keep me going, but thost thoughts have just increasingly lost their lust.
  12. I appreciate your input very much BBasil. What has it taken from me you ask? Well this all started to slowly develop my junior year of high school, then I really didn't know what to think of it and I just thit it was a phase or part of growing up or whatever, and it was until the end of that year that I realized it was more than just a phase, and I needed to see a doctor. Since then, it ruined my sports career. I tried playing football my senior year, not really knowing that the depression would effect me that much, until I realized I couldn't concentrate, I would get fatigued really easily, I had 0 energy, and no desire/motivation which is critical in a sport like football. After that I decided hockey would be impossible so I had to give that up too. There went my ability to play sports and obviously any hope to get an offer from any schools. I decided I would let this go as long as I coud finally be functional in time for college this year and I would just walk on, but that was thrown out the window too with my lack of improvement. Also, friends. I really started to become more distant to my friends, and have lost a lot of friendships because of this. It still haunts me looking back on the last couple of years and seeing my best friends enjoying themselves and me not wanting anything to do with anybody, and just watching some of the, supposed to be, most fun years of my life, slip away. Girls as well. Since I've been depressed my sex drive has been absolutely 0, as well as my confidence. There's nothing more disheartening to a guy to have his sex drive and confidence completely go away lol. And of course my grades here in my freshmen year have been pretty bad. I'm not as upset about this because I know I can just take more classes and stuff. But it's mainly the past couple of years that I've lost which upset me, and I've slowly decided that I'd be able to let that go if I could just be given the chance to get out of this hole move on. I could then make up for lost time and pick up the pieces. It's just that I haven't gotten that opportunity yet and it seems like I never will by now....
  13. I've been dealing with relentless major depression for over 2 years now that has just crippled me completely. It's taken every thing away from me in my life and I've tried several different medications that have not helped one bit. Everyday I find myself constantly looking back on my life as if I'm already dead and I struggle to find reasons why I should still be alive. I hate that these kinds of feelings arise, I'm so young at just 19, but there not my normal ones, and I can't help it. My feeling lately has been that even if I some day do get out of the debilitating depression, the damage has already been done and it's hurt my so much that I really don't know if I'll ever be able to live with myself after this. Even though the depression does leave me eventually, it will never be completely gone. I guess my question is, how have any of you guys dealt with this and are there any of you whom have been lucky enough able to pick up their lives and live normally again? Thanks in advance.
  14. I see, are any of you on it for depression, as i am?
  15. Is anyone here taking lithium as an augment to an antidepressant or have in the past? If so, what are your experiences with it? I just started 300mg a week ago in addition to 150mg of effexor. Just wondering what to expect from it and how long it generally takes to receive some relief. Thanks in advance.
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