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  1. Hello Linda I do try very hard to be happy, i've moved to London with nice people, have made a decision not to drink much, have started going to church, am volunteering at a childrens farm, do a internship in festival events, and work at a restaurant. My close friends know about my depression, but everyone else thinks im this happy little thing as i try to be as optimistic and bubbly as i can. I was offered CBT by my doctor, but the wait was ridiculous, i had to wait 3 months for my turn finally had my assessment, my next appointment was a 2 month wait which they cancelled without calling me so i had to wait another 2 months and then moved house :( does anyone know anything about meds? is it ok to leave a prozac to go on a non-prozac? am i unhappy still because i haven't found the right med? is the CBT online? that would be great as its such a slow slow process getting an appointment especially now i've moved Thanks so much for your help and advice Jane
  2. Hello, im a 26 yr old female, i've been depressed ever since child hood, i get extreme highs and extreme lows, the highs are magical but the low's have had me close to suicide on every occasion. i have been on fluoxetene for almost a year now, going onto it was horriffic, i was nervously shaking in bed, crying, had insomnia and intense suicidal thoughts for 2 months, now i feel ok, i feel pretty sedated, my highs don't really happen and my lows aren't too bad, but i still feel depressed, lacking in confidence, and just want to sleep alot, my bed is my haven. could you give me any advice, should i switch medication? to be honest with you i can't remember a time when i was consistantly happy ever, so i don't know if im just doomed to never feel happy or if i should switch to at least get some of my highs back, i was once on citralopram but i think i gave it up before i gave it time to take any effect as i 'didn't want to take anti-depressants' now i do want to take them, i want to feel better rather than constantly visualise dying
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