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  1. Hi Trace, yes it is a support group and also like group therapy which is something really nice, I will try to look for your others suggestion too hoping it will help me somehow stop thinking all the time, thank you for your reply! Hi sgspacemonkey, I know how you feel when you say they can't understand because I m the same , yeah to talk to understanding people is great, though I don't have someone right now its just a feeling of emptiness and isolation and being negative and feeling guilty all the time and just doing nothing about it like I enjoy suffering I don't know, recently I just quit the only thing I used to enjoy ... I hope it will come back soon, thank you for your reply!
  2. I woke up and start crying

  3. Hi jimbow, to whoever I have tried talking in my close environment they go like yes I understand and then nothing which makes me feel worse after, so I just quit talking to anyone of my close environment, anyway thank you I will look for a therapist online maybe.Thank you! Hi lindahurt , its a bit reliving that there people here to listen I just wish I could say more so its bit hard for me right now to explain in some lines how I feel how I have become this way unbearable...but thank you for ur kind reply! Hi Bdh25, I m feeling like crying all the time , just one more night without any sleep without feeling able to do anything...thank you too for being so open,I wish I could, but thanks.
  4. can't stop crying and not sleeping most nights at all, I know I need help but I feel its impossible to find it and I quit..I m sorry.. just keep failing
  5. I am really a mess right now

  6. I haven't been out since Christmas I think lost counting , which maybe is causing my depression.
  7. Yeh, I used to say I hate myself like everyday in every occasion whatever I did,I just recently met a professional therapist by accident and he told me that I just have to love myself no matter what , and if this doesn't sound possible at the moment I have to just repeat the words: I love me! I love me! I love me! just about all the time till I get completely brainwashed and start to believe it somehow, and I started to do so I think its bit working ,so I thought I should share this, hope it helps!
  8. hmm no could you tell me about it please if its possible ?Thanks a lot!
  9. Hi Trace yeh I know I could just have a hobby or go to gym but its just I dont like it here much we are here cause of work so its just me I m lazy or depressed and just does nothing about it, but thank you!!
  10. Yeh, I did try to see a doctor but it didn't worked for me,he suggested me to take pills but he wasn't really listening to me thats how I felt at least. I 'm afraid to take pills I only use valeriana. But thank you anyway! take care too.
  11. I think I m going crazy, I haven't been out I think for about 45 days, I don' see anyone else apart my boyfriend, I can't sleep until I drop dead somehow, I 'm having pains all over my body but not all the time, I m reading posts and I cry , when phone rings I don't want to talk to anyone I don't even answer and today my mum called like 10 times so I answered but she was like starting yelling and going crazy which makes me so stressed and guilty because when I m not good which is like always I don't want to talk to anyone and she doesn't understand or respect that and I m just feeling awful now I hang up on her but I want her to leave me alone she is pushing me and stresses me much and I m not 15! I am 34!
  12. Hi all and thank you for your replies, is just that I have tried to go to some doctors but here where I live is bit difficult to find a good one, so they told me to take pills which I didn't, I just feel like I m self destructive because every time even after few good and positive , productive days I m just ruining everything again is like my inner me wants to fail all the time. Anyways thank you :)
  13. No, my depression is because I don't do anything to change my life.
  14. Hm, hello, I m just feeling such a failure and I don't want to do nothing about it, it's like I m trying to prove to myself everyday how worthless and useless I am and I m really tired of myself I was always sad since I remember myself.I quit my job its been two years now...and there is my boyfriend who is taking care of me but that looks like I m getting worse,I can't sleep some days and some others I sleep all day , I feel guilty all the time and keep planning to be the perfect person from next day but I always fail , I mean always...Anyway I hope everyones problems to be solved...
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