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  1. Nonselective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor, no I do not take any others
  2. Does anyone know what the reason is that it is recomended to be taken with a meal?
  3. Thanks all, i'm using my light for the first time this morning!
  4. I'm not sold on that. I've given it a chance.
  5. I'm banking on a renewed exercise program first......
  6. Working with meds. This isn't just a winter depression though, been down two years, bipolar. Hoping I pull out of it this spring
  7. Yeah. Don't like to talk about em much though.
  8. What do you do, sit right in front of it or have it on in a room you are in?
  9. Bipolar 1 is the one with hypomania leading to mania and psychosis. Tried a couple therapists over the years, never helped much, just too surface level evaluation and not much to help me find something I didn't already know.
  10. Yeah I've. Got the biotene and rinse before bed but always wake up with a mouth and tongue as dry as sandpaper.
  11. 15 years. Working with psych on meds. Pretty common each winter but it has been 2 years solid.Definite bipolar1.
  12. I have never really experienced many side effects to medications. But seroquel has given me really bad dry mouth and has stuffed up and dried out my sinuses so they hurt. I'm really concerned about the side effect of tardive dyskensia, has anyone experienced this, and if so did it go away with discontinuation? Anyone have it start after you stopped the medication as I've read can happen?
  13. I had taken Wellbutrin for a long time for depression. Recently I started it to help stop smoking. I think it has been very helpful and would recommend it if you are quitting smoking.
  14. I have been in a real long depression with some hypomanic intervals. Anyone else had this experience in bipolar? What brought you out? Medication? Other?
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