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  1. I'm afraid I could never burden them with something like that. They may feel that they have done something wrong, which they haven't. But I have decided to go to a doctor when I'm living alone. Thanks
  2. Very sorry, I didn't realise some words were censored, I hope none of you got the wrong idea.
  3. I'm a 16 year old male, who has, on the most part, no real problems, unlike the large majority of you on this forum. Instead I feel as if I am drifting helplessly through this world, never making any difference to anyone, never feeling the need to do anything because nothing I do can make any difference to anything. Because of this apathy to life I also sometimes have suicidal thoughts. Not the extremely depressed sort, the "Oh what if I just **** myself" sort. I have also come to the conclusion that no one on this planet does anything for any other reason than personal gain (with the very few exceptions). Every time someone has done something nice to me I later discover that it was benefiting them in some way. My only escape from these feelings is either vigorous exercise, reading or writing. I also vary dramatically in mood. Sometimes I am euphoric, sometimes very angry, and other times incredibly depressed - I am not sure if I have bipolar disorder or if it is just my perception on life which causes these changes in mood. These feelings barely ever have much reasoning behind them. Furthermore I sometimes get the feeling that everything I do I haven't really done, like a memory of a memory. And finally I have been rejected a lot by the opposite sex in my life. Spanning back to the age of 7 I have felt unappreciated by women.
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