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  1. So, my sister is married to a chiropractor, and while I'm all-for chiropractic care (and I use one myself), her husband seems to have been brainwashed in school to think that chiropractic can cure everything and I mean EVERYTHING! So, anyway, they have become all "depression is in your head" and "you just have to will yourself to feel better" and "give yourself over to God and everything will be better". Now, I can handle my sister in small doses (obviously), but she recently posted this article: http://healthimpactn...-than-placebos/ on facebook. I was so engraged. Now, don't get me wrong, I know this might be true for SOME people. But for the vast majority of people, it's not all in their head and (as this article implies) won't be cured by taking a sugar pill after being convinced it's going to help. So, I basically told her where to stick it and her "yes" men friends proceeded to post that natural supplements work very well, and that diet and exercise can cure depression too. Well, I was pregnant last year and the type of antidepressant I was on wasn't good for pregnancy, so I went off it. I tried natural supplements, diet, exercise, the whole bit. I was under the care of a naturopath. I was spending a small fortune each month. Needless to say, I nearly had a nervous breakdown. On Valentines Day last month I cried all day. That Friday I finally started a new medication so I didn't **** myself. Okay, so my sister doesn't know any of this and I don't want to tell her because of her judgmental bullsh*t. Keep in mind, when (if) you read this article, that it's on a website with a very prima donna attitude. Some of the linked content to the article is so pretentious that it makes me want to gag. It also has anti-vax links. But, as horrifying as that is, I thought I would share it for the community. Responses?
  2. Thanks for the advice, all! The funny thing is, I was sooo angry when I wrote this, and then felt immediately better afterward. I was bitter, but now feel better after having vented. So, again, thanks all for your comments!!
  3. Yesterday, my husband told me he thinks I'm lazy. This was incredibly hurtful because he knows that I am severely depressed. I finally understand that he's never been depressed a day in his life and I need to stop trying to explain it to him. However, here is the situation, I work part-time at a really stressful job working with kids. Therefore I am home a lot of the day. I don't get out of bed until late, mostly because I'm depressed, but also because I don't have anywhere to go. When I am awake, I do 95% of the cleaning and cooking (he'll only cook if I beg him to and then I have to tell him what to make). I do 100% of the laundry, and pay all of the bills. I don't think he knows what a checkbook register is, or how to use online bill pay. I feel like he thinks I'm his maid and his personal chef. It makes me enraged. He works at a job he likes, comes home every night, puts his feet up and won't move his *** all night. "Honey, will you get me some water, will you make me some coffee, will you bring me (fill in the blank)?" I realize he works "hard", if hard means surfing the internet and taking online quizzes when he has nothing better to do. Anyway, I personally think it's HIM that's lazy. We just moved to a new city about 4 months ago and I told him when we moved that he was going to have to help with the housework more (not even 50%, just more than 5%), but has he done it? No! I've asked nicely, I've begged, I've made chore lists to remind him (I also put my chores on it, which are double his, just so he could see what I do) and I've nagged. I'm starting to think he likes it when I nag. (On a side-note, his mother is a raging Biotch and constantly yells, nags, and puts his father down. I feel like since this is what he's used to, he actually WANTS me to be like his mother. Well, guess what dear? The way you behave, I want to act like your mother.) Also, since we moved in, he's not helped me unpack ONCE! Apparently he expects that all of our books, and movies and everything we share, is my responsibility. He wants to have a baby, really, really badly. I think it's easy for him to want one, when he doesn't have to carry it or give birth to it. I've never been interested in having a baby, and when I told him this BEFORE we got married, he told me it was fine, he just wanted to be with me. But I think he secretly assumed I would change my mind and eventually pop him out a mini-him. Well, guess what? I haven't changed my mind. It doesn't help that when I think about the future, all I will be doing is 95% of the work with the baby and the house and he'll sit on his ***, hand me a crying, poopy baby and say, "His diaper needs to be changed." I'm not sure what to do anymore, he absolutely refuses to talk to me about anything other than superficial things like the weather or what's on TV. He'll actually change the subject while I'm in the middle of talking to him. I'm getting help for my depression, but he doesn't seem to care. I don't remember marrying such a selfish jerk, but he seems so completely OBLIVIOUS to anything that doesn't concern him. I realize that if you've stuck with this post this long, you are thinking I am a raging B*tch. You're right, I am enraged, and I need something to change, but I don't know what else to do.
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