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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  3. Sumatra

    Cymbalta Side Effects

    Ah, they love learning about all the meds, I think.
  4. Sumatra

    Cymbalta Side Effects

    Poignant1, glad you got to have some meaningful contact with a health care worker. If Prozac worked for you before, then it makes sense to try it again. Cymbalta has calmed me down a lot without making me feel "flat," but I know there are plenty of people who can't use it. As for trial and error, I'm having the same problem with blood pressure medicines. I've tried and had to discard three because of bad side effects. It takes several weeks for the side effects to appear and a few weeks for them to go away. It could take years to see if anything is tolerable. Reminds me a lot of trying to find an AD! :p
  5. Sumatra

    Cymbalta Side Effects

    Gosh, I'm just the opposite. Prozac had me so hyper I couldn't stand myself. Cymbalta is quite good; there are some side effects, but I have them with all antidepressants. I usually stop medicines cold turkey. Paxil (after years) wasn't a problem, but Celexa made my skin crawl for a few days until it was out of my system. I wish there were better ways of knowing how people would react to medicines other than just trying them.
  6. I'm on Topomax (and Wellbutrin) to keep my Cymbalta-crazed appetite under control. They work--sorta. I don't eat a lot, but all I really want is sweets. I can't seem to lose any weight. I take 75 mg. of the Topomax. It doesn't seem to make me sleepy.
  7. I've been on Cymbalta for 8-9 months now, and it's great. I cut down to 40 mg/day because it was making me tired, but that dose seems fine for me. I'm super sensitive to these drugs. I also take 75 mg. Wellbutrin. My only real complaint is that I can't seem to lose weight. The good news is that I haven't gained any either. This is the only antidepressant that I've ever been able to tolerate, and I'm been on almost everything on the market.
  8. Sumatra

    weight gain?

    The doctor has now added 50 mg. of topomax to my cymbalta and wellbutrin to help with the appetite problem from the cymbalta. No problems from the topomax and it does seem to dampen my cravings a bit, so we'll see.
  9. Sumatra

    weight gain?

    I've started to gain weight, and I'm not happy. I'm always hungry. I'm going to try a few tricks such as listing all I eat and keeping vegetable sticks with me to snack on. I really like the Cymbalta, but weight gain is a big health problem for me. :(
  10. Sumatra

    Wellbutrin SR + Cymbalta

    Sally, what type of pain were you having? I'm glad the Cymbalta seems to be helping. I have aches and pains in my joints (getting old!), and the Cymbalta doesn't help that at all. I was hoping it would.
  11. Sumatra

    Wellbutrin SR + Cymbalta

    I take 60mg. of Cymbalta and only 75 of Wellbutrin. Cymbalta tends to increase my appetite and make me sleepy. This is about the right dose of Wellbutrin to help counter those problems. More works better but makes me too jumpy, so I have to compromise. I think this is a good combination, however. The doctor told me that Topomax is also used to decrease appetite resulting from antidepressants. I haven't tried it, though.
  12. Sumatra

    Effexor vs Cymbalta

    Oh, well here I am. I was in a research study testing Effexor before it went on the market. It made me so hostile that I decided not to continue with it. However, I've had no major problems with Cymbalta. I asked my doctor about the two meds, if one was better. He likes Cymbalta better. He says that there are usually few side effects and it's easier to get off of than Effexor is. Hope that helps.
  13. Sumatra

    Cymbalta II

    I asked my doctor (who is also a researcher) about the difference between Cymbalta and Effexor. He says that he prefers Cymbalta. It has fewer side effects for most people and is easier to discontinue. I wasn't able to take Effrexor because he made me so hostile, but I'm doing well of Cymbalta.
  14. Sumatra

    Side Effects

    Ugh, sweating. This is getting worse now that the weather is warming up a bit. Can hardly wait for summer :p Most days I feel quite good on the Cymbalta, but once in a while, I feel down. I also feel groggy in the mornings. It's hard to get up.
  15. Sumatra

    Side Effects

    I'm really pleased with this medication. It makes me a bit sleepy, but I'm taking a small dose of Wellbutrin (now down to 75mg/daily). I still feel anxiety, but the depression is gone. Also, I don't feel "flat" on Cymbalta.