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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. thanks for sharing that bear,amazing.it sounds like you had met your spirit guide or guardian angel,we all have one.it was not your time to move on, this happens.
  3. sorry for the reply, i was out of my head on drink
  4. i once was happy, times have changed, people get me down, i live in a low life area,people don't give a stuff.i'm going to see my doc again.
  5. people get me down i live in an area thats full of antisocial people.there once was community spirit. times used to be happier.now all i see is dead pan people who couldn't care less and i don't know why it has declined.i would feel happier in a freindly place but sadly it's not to be, i will plod on in my cold world
  6. it's ok, i'm just going through a phase called life
  7. god thankyou for my life,mother thank you for giving birth to me.thankyou for my life in this warm loving world although i didn't ask you.and thank you the human race for being so kind and understanding to me and others. thank you for this hell
  8. well to be frank if you understood you would not be asking...better be careful im on a loser here ,i know it
  9. im a 45 year old piece of nothing,
  10. i know it's true bear,short of finding out.i'm a sensitive also.tell us about your nde. also my dad died suddenely age 56.and im not going to bother you with s*** .but i know hes still around
  11. apparantley you are not forced to be reincarnated,you can continue to grow in the spirit world if you desire. remember they have our best interest at heart.
  12. the thought of it helps me too conzo.i believe this is the reason for my experiences,spirits watch over us
  13. i have tried various ad meds with no success.i would like to try wellbutrin but i feel a bit unconfortable about asking for it.
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