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  1. Hey hun I' so sorry to hear this... my husband is in the army and I am not ready for the day he has to leave yet. On the plus side it sounds like you don't have depression but are only temporarily depressed... and you found a whole lot of people who can help with ways to cope with making yourself happy in the hard times you are a girl in college and I am fresh out of college so I'll give you some of my fun ones I do! To feel better : -Watch doctor shows to remind myself my life could be A LOT worse (Grey's, Private Practice, House) - Watch Funny shows to make me laugh ( Cougar Town, Perfect Couples, The Middle, Modern Family)us - Blast music and dance around pretending I'm the singer - Blast music and drive to no where - Color... my favorite is to do the Fuzzy ones!!!! - Chat online to people even if we haven't talked in a long while it takes my mind off things. - get a hair cut even i its small it will encourage you to do new things with your hair those are just a few I hope they help!!!! XOXO
  2. I'm not quite sure what to say but I wish you luck and maybe in the mean time give yourself an extra 15minutes or so to get ready and get places? XOXO
  3. Do you do a lot of activities and/or sports??? how much do you sleep? It kinda sounds more like you have bipolar II than depression. .... which might explain the meds not working for very long... I'm not a doctor but you should get re-diagnosed or you can shoot me a message if you need support xoxo
  4. Good for you for finding the strength to reach out and hear others stories!!! i hope we can give you the help you need XOXO
  5. Hello!!1 Welcome to our family. Thats kinda what it is :) we are all here to support each other! There are plenty of other people's stories you can read to feel better!!! But don't be afraid to share your own XOXO
  6. I a glad you had a strong day and were able to reach out for support. The fact you are on here shows that you know you have a problem but that isn't defeat. Defeat is if you let this Chemical imbalance in your brain win and take over your life People with diabetes have an imbalance in their bodies and use insulin to fix it on a daily basis because they can't make their body produce more. Depression is the same way it just feels different because you can conrtol what it does to you... makes you sad, down, not want to eat... you know those are all things that you can fix. But you don't have to do it on your own. By taking medicine you are simply fixing an imbalance in your brain to make you "normal" Don't be afraid of asking for help, that is a sign of strength not defeat. XOXO
  7. Most of us on here will tel you the same thing. We are here to talk and support but the best thing you can so is help yourself and go to a doctor. Try a therapist or something on a regular basis and they can help you figure out why you are feeling the way you are and how you can help to fix it on your own or with the help of the people closest to you. When it comes to venting we are all ears XOXO
  8. Hey don't call me Emo thats what we are all here for!!! I would suggest you try putting your feelings up in a post and see whos response makes the most sense. its a good way to find someone who understands best. I found a great friend that way on here a few weeks ago whom I talk to several times a day! I can chat with you until you find someone who understands your depression better than i might!
  9. I have the best memory that I know and never forget anything... but after a traumatic experience my depression went into hyperdrive and I had spells of not remembering. it went away after i got ahold of my depression and it took a lot of support from friends and family and hurt the whole way. So as for it being a normal reaction yes for some but that doesn't make it good. I agree you should speak to your doctor. XOXO
  10. Ugh thats a really really hard one to answer. first off love is not the way we see it in the movies I think the movies tend to give us false hope. Love is not something that you can learn from other people's experiences its something you need to feel for yourself. Although you don't know it i am sure that people have loved you in your life. Hang it there when it comes you'll know. I promise. XOXO
  11. having you talked to a doctor? I know it can be scary but they have inside tricks and medicines that can really help. Does your family know how you feel? I am 100% sure they would want to know and help you . They don't want to find out you feel this horrible by getting a call from the hospital in the middle of the night. Try talking to your family and see if they can help you! Also a doctor is never a bad idea! XOXO
  12. Oh hun hang it there things have to hit rock bottom before you realize you need help more often than not... which REALLY sucks. Most of us have been there and have come out of it. Try going home and getting support from your family. Although they are mad I'm sure they still love you and can help find you the support and help you need. Chin up you haven't ruined your life it only feels that way because you can see a way out of your problems right now. XOXO
  13. feeling like a failure and never reaching goals is often a cause of depression. Are you talking to someone getting the help that you need? Is that something we can help you with> finding help and admitting you need it can be very hard for the first time. But so many of us have gone through it we can help talk you through it and assure you it will be okay even though eveything in life seems so helpless. Just know you don't have to feel this way. With medicine and doctors you can feel happy XOXO
  14. I agree with Shattered Soldier talk to your doctor and get the tests done it can't hurt anything. and its always better to get help when you don't need it than need it and not get it. maybe schedule an appointment with a therapist and a psychiatrist because sometimes they are hard to get in to see. you can always cancel the if you decided you don't need them XOXO
  15. First off thank you SO SO much for everyones support you all gave me the courage and backing up i needed while going through this. Hearing from all of you made me chin up which made me realize that I need more help than I was willing to admit. So I called my mom in and she flew to visit and help support me and my husband. She talked us through everything over and over and OVER again until we both understood what the other was going threw. The conversation about the meds didn't go well he insisted it wasn't the meds but I was keeping tabs on the meds.... and after all the oxycodon was out of the house he happened to get better..... I just dropped that cause it should arise again since its all gone THANK GOODNESS!!!! He of course was still stressed about my depression so thats why i called in my mom to help mediate the conversation!!! TONIGHT my husband found the courage to work through this depression with me under a few conditions ( i go see a new Therapist and psychiatrist, I try medicine, I can't get anymore tattoos lol and a few other funny personal things like that.) Basically the man I love has walked back out of the darkness and I am SO THANKFUL for his strength!! I am also SOOO very thankful for all of you giving me the courage I needed to keep trying! When anyone in life tells me to chin up or hang in there it makes me very mad but when anyone on here says it, it helps cause you all know what its like!!!1 so again THANK YOU Tell me if there is anthing I can support you in!
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