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    I'm currently thinking of a more updated list of my interests, but for now:

    Anime/manga (not a weaboo, just a casual fan)

    Science fiction/fantasy novels

    Video games

    ...and I'll beef this section up once I've given this some more thought.

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  1. Hi, I've been a member of this forum for a while, but I don't recall ever posting on her a whole lot, it might have been a few years ago. Anyways, due to the current situation, I've been feeling fairly socially isolated and I felt it was the right time to start reaching out to others who know where I'm coming from. I hope you're all having a great day and I hope I get to talk to some of you soon!
  2. Hi Hawkins, I know it may not seem like much for me to say this, but I can relate to your current situation. Depression interferes with doing the things I love on daily basis, it can be disheartening and frustrating to feeling mentally and physically drained every day.
  3. Ashamed, overwhelmed, and depressed. I would say otherwise, but I'd be lying to myself if I did. I just hate to admit that I'm perpetually depressed and exhausted.
  4. In my family, I've always been the one that been called weird or strange due to my personality, but despite whatever I do to try and act "normal," I keep getting singled out for being the person who is always "different." Having ADD, along with anxiety and depression, always makes me feel on edge because I feel like I constantly have to defend myself from unendless scrutiny with it be imagined or not. Plus, whenever I get advice on how to improve my behavior, I unconsciously begin to lash at others because I tend to believe that they are stupid and idiotic are for making such a judgment about me when they themselves have flaws that they tend to ignore. In summing this rant up, what I'm really trying to say is that my attitude prevents me from really receiving help on improving my mental outlook without it feeling like a vicious attack to me. If any of you have this sort of problem, I'd like to hear your advice on dealing with it on a daily basis.
  5. In terms of the 12 month calendar system, I am 23 years of age. Other than that, my age honestly cannot be pinned down to a concrete number. The age of a person seems to be more of a subjective mind-set.
  6. The typical rain in the Northwestern US, haha. Although, for a while, it was pretty sunny.
  7. Aerial Boundaries- Michael Hedges Michael Hedges, by the way, was a fantastic acoustic guitar player (plus he invented the Harp-guitar) who died in 1997, way before his time. I've listened to other guitarists and none sound like Mr. Hedges, he was truly an original.
  8. 1. katiebird: I definitely understand, for me as well, it applies to everything I do during the day. 2. Trace: I agree with what you say wholeheartedly, I'll actually be taking some classes in a few weeks, so that will be a huge part of the regular routine. 3. Rainbowstar: The "flow" state you're talking something I experienced on occasion, and not just with video games either. I practice Zen meditation fairly regularly, so I've become accustomed to what that "in the moment" experience feels like, it's definitely calming, but it can be like a overpowering drug when indulged too much. Too much meditation can leave people in some heavy dazes. Thanks for the feedback everybody, much appreciated. I was just out of sorts when I wrote this, I honestly don't have an "addiction" to video games, I just spend more time with them than I need to at times.
  9. I'm just venting, I wasn't really sure on where to put this: Since I'm taking a break from school and I don't really have a steady job at the moment, I have a bit of free time on my hands. With all this time available to me, I know I can use the time a bit more wisely. But what I do on some days? Lately, I've been completely spacing out when I play video games. A couple of hours have gone by and I become startled when I realized that I wasted all this time on a D*** thing that really doesn't give me anything in return. I feel guilty, lazy and stupid when I end up wasting my time on a D*** toy. This is a habit that has started to cause a bit of anxiety for me, and that obviously does not help with the whole depression issue. I'm not sure if I have a "video-game addiction," but more often than not, I find it easy to forget a lot of other things when I'm playing them, and I end up feeling like a complete space-case when I'm not. In all honesty, I need to give up video games, because I find that it's interfering with my life. It may sound ridiculous, but it has become a problem for me :verysad3: Thoughts on this? Anyone have this issue of spacing out when doing certain things?
  10. Telling Lies--Dr. Paul Ekman (Psychology): It's pretty much about the "science" of uncovering lies, what constitutes a lies. why lies don't always work, and even how lying can sometimes help. There's a lot more to it than I described, but check it out for yourself, it's pretty fascinating.
  11. Do a bit of cleaning around the house, practice my Tae Kwon Do, a little Zen meditation, and just enjoy the rest of the day
  12. Optimistic. Things will get better if I do everything I can to work through this.
  13. If you wanted to read some good material on Zen practice, check Brad Warner out. It's a bit untraditional in the sense that it's not stuffy and overly austere like other Buddhist material seems to be. Anyone can easily read these books without becoming intimidated by the material in his books. He does a great job at breaking things down into layman's terms. Click Here
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