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  1. Hello Evening Bell, Welcome to DF. This is an ideal place to ''sound off, wail in despair and ask for advice'', so make yourself at home here. You are among friends . It can be very difficult for friends and family to understand depression and how to help, and I think a lot of us try to hide our feelings from others. This site is great because you can just be yourself and you can be honest about your feelings without being judged or told to try harder. I hope you find the help and support you are looking for. Take care, Meirionne
  2. Hello Taytay, Welcome to DF. This is a great site with lots of ideas and help. The good thing about the site is that we all know about the daily struggle of living with depression. As you mention the bad days are difficult to get through. There is always someone here on the bad days to give support. Have a look around the boards here and see what interests you. Take care, Meirionne
  3. Hello all, I did indeed enjoy my book and bath, and I have repeated it today!! I recommend it. Taysmom I am also a crazycat lady I adore my cats. I can just imagine them in a stroller, so cute. Tessar, I also admire you for the flying. I have done it before but not often and not calmly!! Suffer in silence, deciding to retire is not and easy thing to do. Would part time work be an option? In the end you have to decide what feels right for you and sorry that sounds such a cliché but it is true. I wish everyone a restful weekend and a calm week ahead.
  4. Thank you JimBow, I have learnt a lot from reading this and it makes complete sense.
  5. I do sometimes get overwhelmed by feeling of anxiety. I hate it. I was advised to try a mindfulness technique and it does help calm me a bit. I focus on 3 things I can hear... notice them one by one and listen to them. Then 5 things I can see.... really look at them one at a time. Then touch three things... focus on them carefully. I hope you feel better soon. Take care, Meirionne
  6. Hello Kree, Welcome to DF. I am sorry to hear about your depression and the problems suffered by your children. It is difficult to help your children when you are unwell yourself but you will get help here. You have come to the right place for support. If you look around the boards here you will find some that are relevant for you. This is a great site because there is always someone online to respond and to listen when you have a bad day. You will never be judged here because we are all sufferers ourselves. I hope you find the support you want and find friends here. Take care, Meirionne
  7. Books are essential to my peace of mind
  8. Hi all, sufferinsilence..... twins... what wonderful news!! congratulations! But yes a lot of work. Tire D Good luck with the diet! I am facing possible redundancy from my job and have to wait with uncertainty for next 6 weeks before I find out. Today I bought 3 bath bombs to cheer my self up, and was given a free face mask. So I am having a pamper weekend, and I recommend it. A lovely bath with candles and later a good book. Little things can help I am finding. Take care all
  9. Signature of all things Elizabeth Gilbert Only just started it but I like it so far.
  10. Hello Aperson, Welcome to DF. You are among friends here. We share your struggle with depression and we know the dark days very well. You don't have to say anything just read the posts here and settle in. Have you told anyone how you are feeling at the moment? If not I think you should let your doctor know so you can get some help. We are here for you. Take care, Meirionne
  11. Hello Evilpotsandpansrobot, Welcome to DF and I also LOVE that name! I really hope that soon you will be smiling and also feeling good. In the meantime we are here to listen and support you anytime it is needed. Take care, Meirionne
  12. Hello DownDave, Welcome to this site. I do not know much about mindfulness but it does seem very effective and I want to find out more about This is a great site and I am sure you will settle in here. You will always find someone to listen and support. Take care, Meirionne
  13. Hello Mylifeasadog, Welcome to DF and you sound like a lovely person be looking for this information and support. I hope you find what you are looking for here. I went through a bad episode of depression a couple of years ago. I am lucky (like your wife) to have a loving and supportive husband, but like you he was shocked at the change in me and my inability to cope or even communicate with him. At first he tried to get me to 'get a grip' and deal with the depression by pretending it did not exist in the vain hope that it would go away. Of course that did not happen. The truth is that neither of us knew what was going on or how to deal with it. When things deteriorated and I went to see my doctor and got medication, my husband was the main help in my recovery. I'm sorry you are getting this from my perspective. I know it was a very very tough time for him. He felt alone because usually we discuss all problems, and I was sunk in my own world far away. But I remember how calm and patient he was and how he was also firm. We decided that a daily walk would be a good idea. And he quietly insisted on this even though I usually did not want to go. The fresh air and tiny bit of exercise are what I look back on now as the key things that helped me recover while the medication was taking effect. So keep doing what you are already doing.........just be there for her every day. For me medication and CBT were the things that helped, but it took 2 types of medication before I improved. And I did go through a long time of denying the whole problem, which is why it got so severe and why it took a long time to recover. I hope that you and your wife find the help that I did. I hope you find information on this site that helps you and keep telling yourself that this is an illness that can be treated and things will improve. Take care, Meirionne
  14. Hello Aliveandirish, Welcome to DF and I hope you find the support here you are looking for. I also suffered from depression for a long time without getting help. The first medication I tried did not work, but the second really did help and I feel so much better now. So keep trying! Take care, Meirionne
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