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  1. So would it be annoying to her if I call or text a couple days a week to see if she's doing ok, or would thateven be beneficial? Also, i don't really know how to let her know I'm here for her if she ever needs someone without her thinking I'm suffocating her... suggestions?
  2. Thank you so much everyone. I have never seen a person close to me get depressed, all the tips are extremly helpful!
  3. My best friend has recently started showing all the signs of depression. I know she's seen a doctor and is on medication but I don't know what to do for her. Any time I try to call her she either ignores the call or tells me she is having a difficult time with life right now and that she just needs to be alone. I have tried to give her space but I don't know what is best for her... Please help.
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